“Acrobat” Dog Who Scaled His Shelter Kennel No Longer Has A Reason To Escape

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 8, 2015

News of Frankie the Pit Bull mix’s olympic gymnast-worthy balance beam routine spread quickly when the Humane Society of North Texas shared the shocking photo of him on Facebook. This poor guy had a rough time of it before they took him in, but it appears he wasn’t about to accept being trapped once again.


HSNT staff immediately got Frankie down and moved him to a kennel with a ceiling.

Posted by Humane Society of North Texas on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Frankie may very well have been a bonafide Houdini at home, too, because his owner had fastened his collar so tightly around his neck that it burrowed deep into his skin. The wound required immediate surgery after rescue staff cut off the collar, but their very capable veterinarian fixed him right up.

collar laceration

The rescue said on their Facebook page:

Many people that have seen the photo of Frankie that went viral thought he was climbing onto the top of his kennel to escape the shelter. We have a very different theory. We think Frankie was climbing to enjoy his new found freedom.

After his neck healed all that was left was for Frankie to find a genuine forever home—one that would give him proper training and positive reinforcement so he’d, well, at least keep all four feet on the ground.


It turns out that possibility was always waiting in the wings, and Frankie has finally gone home with one very lucky new pup parent.


We are thrilled to announce that HSNT’s acrobat, Frankie, was just adopted! Look how happy he is! Looks like he’s…

Posted by Humane Society of North Texas on Monday, November 30, 2015

His smile says it all, and we bet all our bones this pup won’t be hopping any fences anytime soon!

H/t Facebook/Humane Society of North Texas


Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 8, 2015