25 Adoptable Dogs Who Definitely Could Be Internet Celebrities

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 8, 2015

We’re baaaaack! Last month we presented you with our thoroughly researched list of 25 adoptable dogs across America that are totally made for Internet fame. Today, we deliver a new crop of awesome contenders!

Without further ado, here is June’s roundup of 25 adoptable derpy pups. Help us spread the word on these adoptable ragamuffins! Together we can make the Internet a slightly more derpy place to be, while helping to find pawesome homes for some seriously rad dogs in need.



About Quincey: Sweet, lovable Quincey is an 18-month-old Heeler/Lab mix weighing in at 43 pounds. Quincey found himself at a high-kill shelter almost completely bald with a severe case of Demodex. Fortunately, Quincey found his way to EAPL. He has been making great progress in his foster home overcoming the parasite infestations and slowly growing his hair back.

People for Animals


About Clark: As is often common with Chihuahuas, Clark is reserved with strangers but warms up almost immediately when held! Around 7 years old, this handsome tan and white pup is social with other small dogs. Clark has excellent manners at the dinner bowl, takes treats ever so gently, and best of all, thoroughly enjoys taking in the sights while being held. Clark is hoping to join a calm adult family who will patiently offer him a world of unconditional love and security.



About Gemma: Gemma is an 8-month-old Pit Bull mix. She was found wandering the streets and taken to a shelter. Fortunately, EAPL came to Gemma’s rescue. Gemma has been to the vet and received care for her deformed legs which are most likely a birth defect. She is now ready to find her forever family to love. Gemma is such a joy and full of life! She has no idea she is different and loves to run around, wrestle, and play tug-of-war with other dogs. Gemma will require a bit of extra care to put on her braces and monitor her progress as she grows, but the love and happiness she gives back outweighs any extra effort.

Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue


About Kobe: Meet Kobe! This spunky senior just needs a place to be loved for the rest of his life. He is in good health, but does require daily eye drops. Being an only dog would be ideal and he doesn’t get along with cats. He loves to go outside and prefers a yard, but it is not a requirement. He is the perfect companion for his perfect human!



About Hershey: Hershey is an awesome dog! She is 15 pounds and 10 years old. She has always been in a fenced backyard. She just wants to be around her people. She is healthy and is currently not on any medications. Hershey doesn’t like steps. She has a little limp and likely suffers from arthritis. She just needs a human elevator to ride up and down the stairs! The noise and energy of children bothers her and she will bark as guests enter, but will soon retire to her crate. She gets along well with both cats and dogs. Hershey is easy to care for and would make a great companion.

Bow Wow Revolution


About Sandy: Meet adoptable Sandy! Sandy is a 3-year-old Yorkie/Poodle mix. She was rescued from Chicago Animal Care and Control with one eye already removed and the other in rough shape. It was not able to be salvaged and she is now missing both eyes. However, this is one smart cookie and she gets around great! Sandy is housebroken, comes when called, sits on command and is a total lover. She is good with other calm dogs and she absolutely loves cuddling her people!

Companion Animal Rescue Network


About Tally: Tally is an 11-month-old Pitbull who came from a shelter in Iowa. Tally was born deaf. She is very gentle and affectionate and is great with all people and all dogs. She is small for her breed, weighing only around 40 pounds. She is very quiet, loves to play, enjoys car rides and is well-behaved in the house. Please consider giving this sweet gal her furever home!

Anne Marie


About Anne Marie: Anne Marie is a 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier mix. She was picked up wandering the streets and taken to a large shelter with very little space for more dogs. Anne Marie is a very unique girl who has had a rough life. She had bones and glass in her stomach from foraging for food. She has a cleft pallet, but has had it all of her life and eats just fine. She also appears to have a broken leg and will not bear weight on her back leg. This injury will require cage rest or possibly surgery. She is also heartworm positive and needs monthly treatments. However, what Anne Marie needs most is lots and lots of TLC. This little girl deserves so much more than life has given her thus far.

The Dog House Humane Group


About Owen: Owen is a sweet, goofy, affectionate 18-month-old male American Bulldog mix. He loves children and is fantastic with them. He is also very good with cats. Owen would be best as the only dog or with a female dog in the home. We don’t know how he lost his eye, but it does make him initially afraid of entryways like doors and coming in and out from the backyard. He just needs someone to unconditionally love him, show him the world is safe and simply adore him. If you want a best friend, this is the boy for you. He is truly an amazing soul.

Chicago English Bulldog Rescue


About Stewart: Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! This pup’s name is Stewart like the fellow speed racer, Tony Stewart! Just like him, Stewart the pup has been known to race super fast and burn some major rubber on his wheels. At under 2 years old, Stewart is still just a baby.

Foster 2 Home, Inc.


About Noodles: This is Noodles. Even though he can’t hear, his foster parents have been able to communicate with hand motions!

Heartland Small Animal Rescue Inc.


About Oliver: Oliver is a sweet little guy that was pulled from a local shelter. He is about a year old. He does have some deformities, but that doesn’t slow him down! His jaw is twisted, which will require him to have dental cleanings every six months and possibly extractions. His legs on one side of his body are longer than the other side. This causes him to swing his legs outward on one side as he walks. His spine is curved. And lastly, his eyes are smaller than they should be, although it’s unknown if his vision is impaired. It is hard to say if these deformities will result in any health issues in the future. Right now, Oliver is a happy, healthy pup. He is a lover and wants nothing more than to cuddle and play. He gets along great with other dogs and cats!

S.A.F.E. Sanctuary


About Timmy: Timmy is paralyzed in the back end and due to this he is incontinent and wears diapers. He will need someone who can care for his needs and is used to working with a dog in a wheelchair. Timmy is amazing and though he is permanently disabled, he already has a wheelchair, drag bag and clothing. Are you the experienced owner he has been looking for?

Michiana Humane Society and SPCA


About Petey: Petey has quite the story. Petey was dropped off at the shelter with severe mange but he’ll be better in no time! He is a very happy-go-lucky cutie pie who deserves to be shown a life of love.

Ozark Dogs Rescue Organization


About Hercules: Hercules is a special needs fella looking for a miracle. He was born with an underdeveloped heart and vets did not expect him to live at all but he has really managed to beat the odds. He is 14 months old and is on three heart medications that run about $100 a month. They have done wonders for him. Except for his small size, no one would guess there was anything medically wrong. He is a happy boy who loves attention. When anyone approaches, he rolls over on his back for belly rubs. He is learning to get along with other dogs. He is a bit food protective against other dogs, but not with people. He is learning the leash and car rides. Could you be the one to give this guy a bit of love and hope?

Dachshund Lovers of Texas


About Zipp: This is Zipp. Zipp was born blind and deaf but still gets around well! Zipp needs a special owner who appreciates his differences.

Stevie Ray
Out of the Woods Animal Rescue


About Stevie Ray: This is sweet Stevie Ray. Stevie is a Black Lab mix. He will tolerate being held like a baby in the crook of your arm and will spontaneously flop down on his back for a tummy rub, even in the midst of a puppy riot. When Stevie feels safe he is a low-maintenance, sweet, laid-back doggy. However, he can be overwhelmed in a busy, new environment. This poor little guy is going to need to start out in a quiet place with an adult who has the time and patience to build his confidence and win his trust. Once he’s comfortable, he’s just fine with children.

All Dogs Heaven


About Lilu: Lilu is an amazing dog who came to the shelter with many medical issues. She had entropian (cherry eye) in both eyes, her puppy teeth were removed, a rubber band was around her tail (back yard docking), she suffers vision impairment, has weak hip and leg muscles which may lead to arthritis and she was emaciated. Her tongue is always hanging out due to an unknown injury or medical problem. Despite abuse and mistreatment, she has maintained her sweet disposition. Because she is suffering from so many medical ailments, and will have lifelong ailments, she will stay in our hospice program. Lilu loves other dogs, cats, children and all people.

Lil Man
K 9 Stray Rescue League


About Lil Man: This is Lil Man, a 4-year-old Chihuahua. He currently weighs 20 pounds, when he should weight about 10. He has a thyroid problem where it runs slower than it should, which can be easily treated with inexpensive medication. Lil Man needs a forever home that is dedicated to making sure he stays healthy. Once his thyroid is stabilized, he will be neutered, and will then be ready for adoption. He is a very sweet little dog who wants nothing but cuddles and belly rubs.

Speak for the Unspoken


About Analie: Analie is a very small, sweet and laid back 4-and-a-half month old Australian Shepherd puppy. She is deaf and almost completely blind, although she seems to see lights, shadows, contrast and up-close movement. Once she has learned her environment, she will start to run, jump and play. She loves to snuggle and play. When there is nothing of interest for her to do, she will find one of her spots and take a nap. Whoever is approved to adopt Analie is a very lucky person, who will have many years of snuggles, tail wags, laughs and most of all, tons of love.

Owensboro Humane Society


About Fido: Aussie mix Fido, at barely over 2 years old, is still just a puppy! He is gorgeous, healthy and loves to cuddle and play tug-of-war. He likes cats and other dogs. Fido is a survivor of the terrible infection of distemper, which made him deaf at a young age. He also suffers from seizures but takes medicine to control them. He is sweet and has a strong will to live even though the doctors said he should be put down. He is a joy to all who come in contact with him. Please help love this little boy. He will be your best friend.

Hand Me Down Dobes, Inc.


About Mira: Mira is a special needs youngster who is ready to find a home that’s just right for her! Affectionate and playful, this almost 1-year-old Fawn Dobey suffered a traumatic brain injury and lack of oxygen when she was only a few weeks old, resulting in developmental delays. Mira has shown steady progress while in foster care, but her visual processing, motor coordination and ability to vocalize are still developing. Sweet as can be, she gives “hugs” and thinks laps are a nice place to sit. Mira learns best with repetition and positive reinforcement. She knows and responds to her name. Her perceptual and motor delays make stairs a challenge, and she is continuing to work on house training, needing a consistent potty schedule. Due to her special needs, Mira is looking for patient, caring owners that will help her reach her potential in a safe, structured and loving environment.

NBS Animal Rescue


About Elsa: Elsa is a sweet, young female Chihuahua. You might notice that she looks a little different. Not only does she have a curly tail, mouse ears, a silly little underbite and a goofy bunny hop when she runs, she is also deaf. Don’t worry though – it doesn’t stop her from having fun everywhere she goes! Although she cannot hear where you toss her toys, she will find them! She loves to “tidy up,” and will pile up toys, socks and tennis balls for you. She just loves to bounce and play! She gets along with anyone who takes the time to get to know her. She would love a home that appreciates how unique she is, and will be mindful of her special needs.

The Misfits Dog Rescue


About Richie: Richie was paralyzed a year ago, when a big dog attacked him. His owners were too poor to take him to a vet and so he ended up with us. He healed incorrectly and his injury is now permanent. He has his own wheelchair. He is a sweet doggy looking for someone to mother him! Could you be his sensitive mate for life?



About Murphy: This is Murphy, a spunky 6-year-old male Italian Greyhound looking for a new forever home! His coat is a beautiful deep red and brown color and he has an equally beautiful heart to match. Murphy gets along great with humans, even kids, and he especially loves spending time with other dogs his size. He requires a special diet due to GI tract issues. Murphy is a wonderful companion and will be forever loyal to his new humans.

Know an amazing adoptable pup who should be on this list? Add them to the comments below and we’ll look into getting them into next month’s roundup. Arf!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 8, 2015

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