25 Adoptable Derpy Dogs Who Could TOTALLY Be Superstars on the Internet

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 26, 2015

BarkPost can really get behind adopting special needs pups. While it’s courageous and awesome to take in any pup who needs a loving home, some little guys and gals capture our hearts with their outrageously awesome derpyness. And what exactly makes a dog extra special and cool? It can be anything from a super semi-permanent facial expression to a killer personality trait that makes them special and unique.

Starting this month, we’ll be highlighting 25 adoptable derpy dogs on Petfinder who could totally be Internet famous. Help us spread the word on these adoptable ragamuffins and submit your own picks for future roundups in the comments below! Together we can make the Internet a slightly more derpy place to be, while helping to find pawesome homes for some seriously rad dogs in need.

Archie Moore
Ruffles Rescue


About Archie: Oh Archie Moore! How can you be so adorable? Archie was found abandoned, lying scared and paralyzed in a cluster of bushes. After posting Archie’s picture online, it came out that he was paralyzed at the hand of his previous owner and then discarded. While Archie has a broken back and uses a wheelchair to get around, he does not let it slow him down. Archie does require help to potty, but he’s such an independent little dude. He’s a cuddle monster, lover of life and a social butterfly! Archie will require a very special home, with a parent who understands his ongoing needs.

Deaf Dog Rescue of America


About Ollie: Ain’t nothing but a hound dog? Don’t tell that to Oliver! He thinks he’s pretty special and so do we. Besides those beautiful long ears and that big boy frame, Ollie is deaf and only has partial sight. That doesn’t hinder this big hunka love at all, though. Ollie loves to run and play, chew on toys, get treats and go for walks. He’s very affectionate and prone to leaning on his favorite people for a canine hug.

Pets With Disabilities


About Sarah: Sarah was rescued from an abusive situation. Some very kind people intervened, got her to safety, and called for help. She is from rural West Virginia and is a sweet, peppy puppy! Sarah is 15 pounds of pure happiness, tail in the air wagging all the time, happy to be here and with canine friends that really enjoy her! Though she has a cerebellum issue, as the with the rescue explained, “She will always have an unique funny gait, but she otherwise is a very normal and healthy pup!” She will melt your heart when you meet her.

Brave Dog Rescue


About Nimby: Nimby was found wandering the streets, hobbling around on his two hind legs. The rescue’s vets believe Nimby was born this way. He has no problem walking, running and playing with his two hind legs. He has a clean bill of health and will be able to live out a normal life as a two-legged dog. While the rescue plans on purchasing a wheelchair, he prefers to walk, run, and play using his two legs. Nimby is about 6 or 7 months old. He is up-to-date on his vaccines and is neutered. He has a heart of gold! He loves to play with other dogs, is friendly to cats, enjoys cuddling with his caregivers and doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body! Nimby is sociable around all kids and adults.

Angels for Animals Rescue


About Nellie: Nellie is a 3-year-old Chihuahua looking for the perfect family to take her home. She has had knee surgery on her back legs and is on a raw foods diet. She must go to a family with older kids or no kids at all because of her back legs. She is spayed, microchipped and up-to-date on shots.

Labs and Friends Org


About Simon: Simon is an 8-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix that has had a very rough life so far. The rescue believe chemical burns left him disfigured, but he is still handsome! Simon is sweet, friendly and good with other dogs. He is partially blind due to his injuries, but sees well enough to get around. He needs a home that will look past his disfigurement and into his heart!

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County


About Tyberius: Tyberius was found wandering in the desert and was picked up by the local shelter. He soon became the shelter’s favorite as he demanded attention and gave all his love in return! Tyberius has poor vision and has immune-mediated diseases that affect the skin and eyes. He has responded to treatment and has improved dramatically. Ty will require supplements, vitamins and a special diet throughout his life, but will be your best buddy. He has had professional obedience training and knows basic commands. Come out and meet this very special boy who deserves a very special person!

Second Chance Rescue


About Bruno: Bruno is a 1-year-old male Pit mix. He is a tiny guy weighing in at approx 30 lbs. When Bruno was pulled from the ACC, he had an untreated fracture and had to have his right rear hip socket removed. However, with physical therapy (you flex his leg at home once daily tops) he has been able to use his leg and can even bear weight on it! Bruno loves kitties and has lived with them, and he prefers dogs outside of his castle.

Merced S.P.C.A.


About Georgie: Georgie has a smile for every picture. Georgie came to the shelter as a puppy and is now 4 years old. He is sweet and gentle with other dogs, but shy with people. He is very curious and would do best in a home with other dogs and a patient owner.

Blue Ridge Humane Society


About Bunny: Bunny has a lovely disposition and would love someone gentle to take her home. Bunny is a sensitive soul who loves being held and tends to hide under her blanket when other dogs bark. She will come out when she hears a voice or smells food. She suffers from complete blindness in both eyes but has acclimated well by sniffing around and feeling out her surroundings. Please consider giving this loving dog a place to relax and call home!

Pets With Disabilities


About Ginger: Ginger was an owner relinquishment to a rural Virginia shelter. The shelter was told by her old “owners” she was an independent girl and loved outside living. Upon arrival, the shelter immediately discovered that not only does she love inside living and the comforts of inside living (clean beds, daily food and no more ticks, fleas and mosquitoes), they can barely get her outside! She adores the attention of humans and loves hanging with the other dogs. Unfortunately, Ginger had some months of neglect. Due to her “outside living” with no heart worm preventative, she contracted heartworm disease and lost a lot of weight. The next couple of months Ginger will need to gain weight before undergoing heartworm treatments this June and July. Ginger will need a couple of months at the rescue to get all the necessary care she needs to live a healthy life. But once she is ready, she will be a great canine companion!

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance


About Hero: Hero came from a working cattle farm and was given up by his owners because of his failing vision. He has juvenile cataracts and the cataract in his left eye prevents him from seeing things low to the ground, but he can still see straight ahead and above. Most likely from an accident, part of his lip is missing, showing his teeth on the left side. With his ripped lip he might look scary at first, but Hero is a sweet, handsome and loving dog. He loves to walk around the yard in the morning, exploring and smelling everything. He is very calm and his personality just shines through!

Heart of Georgia Humane Society


About Kelsey: Kelsey is one tough doggie. She has multiple BB pellets in her, including one in her abdomen and one very close to her spine. Her knee caps don’t stay in place so she is unable to bend her legs. However, her biggest health problem is a hole in her heart between the left and right side, meaning exercise with her must be limited. Now, the good news is she is the happiest, most loving dog you will ever meet. By just watching her toss around a toy in the yard or roll in the grass, you know this sweet girl is not ready to give up. She is between 1 or 2 years old, is spayed, up-to-date on shots and is heartworm negative.

The Pepper Foundation


About Pippi: Little Pippi was rescued on his very last day at the shelter. They were going to kill him because he was a biter and just “not a nice dog.” This poor little guy was severely abused and traumatized. But with a little TLC, he began to trust again. His mouth was severely infected and he had oral fistulas. The rescue took him to a specialist to repair his mouth and he is feeling much better now. He is still timid and it takes him a little while to warm up to you, but once he does he will be your best friend for life! Please give this little guy a chance, he is very special.

Happy Angels Dog Rescue


About Sandy: Sandy is between 8 and 10 years old. She came into the shelter with immobile back legs and was almost put to sleep due to her disability, but was rescued just in time. She eats well, is house trained and is a very sweet dog. It is believed that Sandy was hit by a car and suffered nerve damage. She is still mobile, although she does drag her back legs. Surgery is not recommended, but her foster family is considering acupuncture and physical therapy. She is very loving and has a happy personality. She will be thrilled to have a forever home!

Blue Ridge Animal Rescue


About Forrest: Forrest is a super sweet, loving Chihuahua. He loves to hang out with his people and go for rides. He gets along great with other dogs and is okay around cats. Due to a birth defect, his left eye is lazy and smaller than the right. However, according to the veterinarian, the eye is completely functional. Forrest also has a heart murmur, which will require further examination. He is crate trained, walks well on a leash and has manners. He will be great for a family of any age.

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue


About Lexi: Lexi is a very happy-go-lucky gal who has some medical issues which need to be addressed. She is visually impaired and has severe arthritis. Can you give her a new home?

Pets with Disabilities


About Sam: Sam was adopted four years ago and through no fault of his own has returned to Pets with Disabilities. Sam has very unique front legs, most likely from a birth defect. Although his gait looks awkward, he gets around just fine! He enjoys daily walks and then is content to sit on the porch and watch the dogs play around him! He also loves warm baths. We promised Sam we would find a new family that will truly appreciate his hound spirit and endearing front legs! Sam is great with children, but not good with cats.

Pet Welfare


About Coco: Meet Coco! She is an 11-year-old Pomeranian looking for her forever home! Sweet Coco is the obvious product of neglect and was found soaking wet, bedraggled, crawling with fleas and suffering from a nasty bout of pneumonia. After she was rescued and examined, it was discovered that she had several rotten teeth, dry eye, spinal arthritis, a collapsed trachea and a slightly enlarged heart. Despite all of this, Coco is a sweet little senior with a great personality. She takes her daily medications in stride, eats with gusto and greets everyone like they are her oldest friend. Coco rides well in the car and is housebroken, though she does need potty breaks during the day. Coco is good with other dogs and cats. Due to her size and age, she needs to be in an adult only home, or one with older children.

Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue


About Buster: Buster is looking for his forever home! He is 4 years old, weighs 26 pounds and is a ball of energy. He loves playing and gets along with other dogs and children. He is a very loving boy despite the neglect that he suffered before coming into rescue. After his owner passed away, the family let their dogs beat him up. He had a Grade II mast cell tumor removed. The site has been checked twice and is looking good. He will need ongoing vet check-ups for for six to 12 months. Buster is just as sweet and loving as can be!

Tuxedo Joe
Boston Terrier Rescue Team


About Tuxedo Joe: Meet Tuxedo Joe, Tux for short. He is mostly blind and will end up fully blind. It does not stop him from being one of the sweetest guys around! He gets along with his foster sibling and loves everyone he meets. He needs a family that understands he will bump into furniture and walls at first while he maps out his new home, but will soon have it down! Tux is 5 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots, microchipped, heartworm negative, healthy and ready for his forever home.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter


About Jesse: Jesse was left at a shelter door in a cardboard box. Her abandonment was probably because her former owner could no longer care for her special needs. Jesse is around 7 or 8 years old and is missing part of one of her back legs, and the other one is deformed. The vet is unsure if this is a birth defect or the result of an injury. Jesse is also incontinent, has a heart murmur and some kidney issues, but does not need medication at this time. Rest assured, none of this slows her down! She can run and play just like any normal dog with or without her custom-made little cart. Even though Jesse has a lot of trials, she is a very sweet and loving girl that deserves a forever home.

Stevie Rae
Charme Blanchard Rescue


About Stevie Rae: Stevie Rae is a beautiful deaf Boxer that is doing excellent on house training, is learning basic signing and is excelling at obedience training. She gets along beautifully with her foster siblings and loves people of all ages. She is high energy, but she also loves to cuddle. She sleeps in a crate and aside from sometimes crying to go out in the middle of the night (she goes right back to sleep) she does very well. She has a colorful personality and will make an excellent family member!

Forever Saving Angels Inc.


About Stimpy: Please meet Stimpy! He is a 4-year-old Blue Merle Double Dapple Dachshund. Stimpy and his bother Ren were turned into rescue as a pair when they were two months old because they have small eyes (microphthalmia) which impacts their vision. Both boys have undergone surgery to improve their vision, but unfortunately the surgery was not a success. They still remain visually impaired, but can see by holding their heads at particular angles. Stimpy can see better than his brother and tends to take the lead when the brothers are together. Stimpy uses his nose to lead and explore new places and smells. He likes to play with toys and be with his foster family. Stimpy plays well with Ren, but takes longer than Ren to get adjusted to new dogs. He can be tested with cats if needed for adoption. The brothers are not a bonded pair, but do prefer to be with each other when it comes to play and sleep time.

Animals Care Society


About Finn: Finn was born around mid-August in 2014 and appears to be a mix of of a Terrier, maybe a Spaniel or perhaps Border Collie. He is a very active, energetic, and playful pup that likes to be in the middle of everything. Finn was likely dumped by his previous owner because he suffers from Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD). HOD typically effects large-breed male puppies around 3 to 4 months of age. There is no cure for this ailment but most puppies recover on their own after one or two episodes. Finn’s last episode was the end of November 2014 and, since then, he has been the picture of health. He was recently neutered and is now available for adoption. Finn would really enjoy a home with another canine-friendly dog. This happy fella is one of the most optimistic dogs we’ve ever met and just loves everybody.

Know an amazing adoptable pup who should be on this list? Add them to the comments below and we’ll look into getting them into next months roundup. Arf!

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 26, 2015

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