UPDATE: Adoptable Dog Shows Everyone He’ll Make The Perfect Roommate By Making His Bed Every Day

Written by: Katie Haller

October 8, 2015

Quick! Everyone grab your dog, wrap a blanket around the two of you, and give him or her a big, warm hug, because the most polite houseguest EVER has finally found a forever home!

You remember Rush, the tidy and adorable pup who made his bed every night in an attempt to make his kennel a bit more cozy. Well, as fate would have it, his new family received all the right signs—literally—that led them to this sweet boy. They traveled all the way from California to the shelter in Kettering, Ohio for this dog, who will probably have a real bed and a few more soft blankets waiting for him at home. He promises not to break tradition.

We are so excited to announce that Rush has a new family! The adoptive family has an amazing story of how they heard…

Posted by SICSA Pet Adoption Center on Friday, October 9, 2015

To hear the story of amazing coincidences about how this match came to be, check out what Rush’s new parents had to say about him below!

As SICSA put it so nicely in their Facebook post, stories like Rush’s somehow manage to touch the hearts of animal-lovers everywhere. If you’d like to celebrate his happy ending, don’t hesitate to donate something to your favorite shelter! Or even better, maybe you’ll consider opening your home (and your bed) to a deserving rescue of your own.

We’re so happy for you, Rush! Enjoy the California sun and your big new bed!

**Original Post**

Oh my dog, all I want to do right now is snuggle up with this adorable dude in his little beddie. Yes, I said beddie. I’m overwhelmed by cuteness okay?!

Every day, Rush, a homeless Pit-Bull at the SISCA Pet Adoption Center in Kettering, Ohio makes his bed while he waits to be adopted. How there isn’t a line out the door for this angel of a pooch I have no idea. What I do know is that any pawrent would be lucky to have a dog like this.


That’s the amazing thing about rescuing a dog. Their gratitude. It’s much easier to make your bed, when you haven’t always been lucky enough to have one.

The only thing more amazing would be if he could figure out how to put on a mattress cover.

Featured Image via Facebook/SICSA PetAdoptionCenter

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Written by: Katie Haller

October 8, 2015

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