Adoptable Dog Of The Week: Jamie

jaimie-adoption-blurb Some dogs don’t have the happiest of beginnings. Take Jamie, for instance. This 4-year-old Pit Bull was rescued under terrible circumstances, and was so malnourished and neglected that her previous owner was charged with animal cruelty (his case is still active). But thanks to the ASPCA, Jaimie recovered, and her bright and goofy personality quickly shone through. ASPCA senior manager of behavior and training Victoria Wells told Today: “She’s a total social butterfly. She’s happiest when she’s out and about meeting new people and experiencing new things.” Recently, the very police officers who saved Jaimie from squalor helped her one more time - by showering her with affection and giving her the best day ever. They’re also hoping that the attention this story brings could give her the one thing she needs most - a loving forever home. If you’re interested, please call 876-7700 (ext. 4120) for more information.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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