What Happened When This Adoptable Pup Went To The Biggest Dog Party Of The Year

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

July 23, 2015

Tess had no idea what she was in for when we leashed her up on a quiet Sunday morning at the shelter.

Tess the Cattle Dog

The adorably goofy five-month-old Cattle Dog mix spent her Saturday afternoon chasing after tennis balls in the front yard of her current residence, Bobbi and the Strays. BATS is a no-kill, non-profit animal shelter on Long Island where Tess was taken after her owner could no longer care for her. She was just a puppy when her owner gave her up (and still is) and she doesn’t quite understand why they didn’t want her anymore.


Her volunteer friends told her to rest up, because the next day was going to be a wild one, and she just cocked her head in that way that puppies do and wagged her tail for more treats.

The next day, Tess was loaded into her volunteer friend’s car, where she laid down patiently in the backseat on her way to the biggest canine party of the year, BarkFest!

Tess in the car

Upon arrival at the Brooklyn Pier where Barkfest was held, Tess must have sensed the excitement. Little did she know, she was about to meet hundreds of new four-legged friends who were dying to play with her.

Tess Making Friends

Before we had even passed the gate, Tess was the talk of the party. Her bright orange “Adopt Me” vest had all the pups doing a double take when she walked by. Dogs of all sizes were fighting to be the first to sniff her butt. Tongue lolling about, Tess trotted her speckled paws all over the party, making her rounds with everyone from the rambunctious Springer Spaniel in the Splash Zone to the cute little Maltese over by the agility course.


Even with the intense 95 degree heat, Tess was such a trooper! Her eyes were constantly darting around to take in all of the sights. This was certainly different than a day cooped up at the shelter!

Tess and friends

Tess checked out the hot dog eating contest, and cheered on her favorite mutts. She shyly watched from the side as some pups cooled off in the pools, and when the coast was clear, she dipped a paw or two in the water herself.


However, when Tess got over to the relaxation tent, she truly had found Nirvana. Being at a shelter, she wasn’t as familiar with carpet and she immediately rolled her face all over the comfy floor.


It was truly bliss.

Tess Barkfest

Tess even made a stop over at the Brooklyn Flea Market so that her hooman friends could grab some more water for her. She immediately made friends with a man at a tent selling pork, and helped herself to a bowl of ice water that the nice nacho lady left out for her. Finally she parked it in a corner of shade near the girls selling Georgia peaches, where she was kind enough to share her bowl of water with some passersby.

Tess ended the day at the dog-friendly fireworks, where she really enjoyed the lights, and most of all, the fans that were cooling down the tent.


Upon leaving the party, Tess had the biggest smile on her face that her hooman friends had ever seen. She had an extra pep in her step, hoping that she had stolen someone’s heart. She couldn’t wait to get back to the shelter to tell her kennelmate Luna about her adventure.


But not before a major snooze on the drive home…

If you’re interested in giving Tess the furever home that she deserves, check her out on the Bobbi and the Strays website or give them a call at 516-378-4340. She’s waiting for you!

Written by: Rachel Crocetti

July 23, 2015