This Adoptable Puppy Loves You So Much He Wears His Heart On His Butt

Written by: Regina Lizik

February 13, 2016

The humans at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption in Kansas have really big hearts. It turns out that some of their adoptable pups have hearts so big that they wear them on their fur!

No joke.

heart butt

This little guy is a Bassett Hound/Shepherd mix (Bassherd?). He’s nearly two months old and his name is Humanigator. The pup and his six siblings came to Unleashed Rescue from a high kill shelter in Oklahoma. Humanigator is the only one of the puppies who wears his heart on his booty, but all of his siblings have hearts of gold.

Including his brother, Count Nightwing…


And his sister Zorax.


In addition to Humanigator and Count Nightwing, there are three other boys in this litter of abandoned puppies: Xentronian, King Jellyjam, Mortegarth.

(This rescue has the most amazing names for their dogs, don’t they!?)

King Jelly Jam (boy)

As you can tell, King Jelly Jam likes to mug it up for the camera.

All of the puppies are in foster homes and will be available for adoption on February 17th. Their momma, Vamporialla, also needs a loving furever home.

You may not be able to bring home a dog with a heart on his patootie for Valentine’s day, but you can bring home a sweet senior Pittie with a heart on her chest.


Someone left Banana Rama at a high kill shelter in Wyandotte County, Kansas. That’s tragic enough, but Banana Rama is Pit mix and Pit Bulls are illegal in Wyandotte County. This eight year old dog’s future did not look bright, nor did it seem like she would have a future for long.

Despite that, when she got to Unleashed Rescue, all this girl had was ruv for everyone she met. That’s probably why her markings look like a heart – because she’s all heart! And snuggles. She loves humans, kids and other dogs. However, she needs to be the Queen B*tch of the pack.

She’s also a big goofball.

banana 2

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we hope that you will open your heart to, not just puppies, but all dogs that need forever homes. Dogs like Banana Rama are often looked over because they are senior pups. But, no matter their age, all dogs deserve amazing forever homes and they all have huge hearts that are just waiting to shower you with kisses and ruv.

You can see a full list of Unleashed Rescue’s available dogs on their website.

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Written by: Regina Lizik

February 13, 2016

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