The 10 Absolute Worst Things About Adopting A Shelter Dog

Written by: Zoe Costello

August 6, 2015

So, you think you want to adopt a dog? I grew up with dogs that my family got from a breeder, and as an adult I adopted my very own mutt. I have to be honest, there’s a few differences… Here are 10 of the absolute “worst” things to look out for if you’re thinking of adopting a pup.

1. The cost…

…is sooooooo much cheaper. Everyone you know who got their pet from a pet store or a breeder will probably start asking if they can borrow some money.

“Here Mam, I saved you dis.”
2. The training…

…sometimes has already been done for you. A lot of times shelter dogs have already been trained and housebroken. Having them at home is going to be so easy and wonderful, you might let yourself go a little.

“Hi new best friend. I’m going to the kitchen. Can I get you anything?”
3. Puppies…

…are numerous in rescues! If you are set on getting a puppy to train, you have a lot of adoptable puppies to choose from. Ugh, choices are the worst.

“Halp! We’re perfect.”
4. Conversations…

…will be started. If your shelter pup is a mix breed you’ll be stopped constantly by the puparazzi asking what kind of dog he/she is. These chats tend to be really cute and fun, so be prepared to run late anytime you’re with your mutt.

“I am 32 flavors and then some.
5. Vet Visits…

…may not be that often. Yeah, you won’t be able to flirt with the cute vet because you and your shelter dog won’t be going that often. Sorry ’bout that. You see, there’s a misconception about shelter dogs not being healthy. Au contraire, Pepe le Pew… it’s the dog-breeding businesses, sometimes housing hundreds of dogs in small spaces, that cause a lot of health issues. Plus, a lot of rescues are mutts. Mutts are known to have much fewer health issues than pure breds.

“The dognosis is in …rescues rule.”
6. Vet Bills…

…may be lower than you’ve ever seen them. Shelters make sure each dog gets a thorough health screening which includes all their vaccinations, heartworm tests, rabies shots, etc. And lot of shelters will even microchip the pup! Plus, the many mixed breed pups found in shelters are often healthier and live longer than purebreds. Your fat wallet is gonna be heavy from saving all that cash. I’m so sorry.

“I frigging love my new life/boat. Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad.”
7. Zero sex life…

…for your dog. Shelters take the responsibility of spaying/ neutering your dog for you – for free.

“You know who doesn’t need a sex life? Me. I don’t. The dog. Seriously. I’m happier this way. Don’t project your horniness on me, homie. I don’t play like dat. Okay? I’m good. Really. Bye, Felicia.”
8. Putting places out of business…

…is a thing because you didn’t patronize the kind of disgusting places that endorse inhumane treatment of animals by buying from puppy mills.

9. You May Be Smothered…

…by your dog’s undying love. You just saved a dog’s life. Some of these shelter dogs have been through unimaginable torture, and still have so much love to give. It’s astounding. Are you sure you want to be a dog’s hero? Are you ready be that freakin’ awesome?

10. Jealousy…

…is something others will have. People will be SO envious of the amazing new bestie in your life. Just tell anyone who doesn’t understand that you’ve “pupgraded.”

“Hey! You look like the best thing ever! Wanna be best friends forever? ME TOO!”
Your dream dog is out there looking for a home and a family to love. Are you sure you’re ready to deal with all the life-changing, gut-busting, heart-bursting, consequences of meeting him/her??

Definitely! 🙂

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Featured image viaRescued Nose Photography
H/t via Humane Society

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Written by: Zoe Costello

August 6, 2015

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