15 Puppies Who Understand The Struggle Of Waking Up

Waking up is hard work for all of us, but it's super hard if you're a teeny-weeny puppy. 1. "Ugh, close the blinds. I need 5 more minutes." dog needs 5 more minutes 2. "I'm not getting out of bed until someone brings me my coffee!" puppy barking in the morning 3. "This day shall not attack me! I shall attack this day!!" husky attacking the day 4. "LOL, NOPE." pit bull puppy wont wake up 5. "What is this 'waking up' thing you speak of? puppy in the morning 6. "Hang on, can't get out of bed until I do my morning doga." shiba morning stretch 7. "How did I get here, and what did I do last night!?" how did I get here 8. "I refuse to get up without first having my neck and cheek massage." puppy husky neck scratch 9. "Seriously, could you at least brush your teeth before you start with the kisses?" puppy kisses 10. "It's too early for me to even sit up straight." puppy stumble 11. "Of course I'm ready to get out of bed! Let's do this! ... No ... wait, I was wrong." puppy falling off bed 12. "Did someone say breakfast!?" 13. "Please just go away." puppy waking up 2 14. "I.Fell.Out.Of.The.Bed. AGAIN." puppy rolling around 15. "Good Morning! It's time for puppy nose kisses!" morning puppy kisses Featured image via WeHeartIt.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago

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