Selfless And Intuitive Pups Become Seeing Eye Dogs For Blind Akita

Dogs are so very beautiful, not just on the outside, but on the inside, as well. They “get” us and they understand each other, too. They have steller “dogtuition.”

That pup-sense kicked in for pups Cass and Keller when their pawtner in crime Kiaya, an Akita, lost one of her eyes due to glaucoma. According to the pups’ owner, Jessica VanHusen, Cass almost immediately became more watchful and attentive of his sister.

blind akita 6

Jessica says:

“Cass always allows Kiaya to get to her food dish first and waits for her to start eating. When I take them in the car, he leans against her to keep her steady because she sometimes gets a little off-kilter.”


Kiaya’s younger brother Keller took a bit longer to understand her needs, but once he did, he stepped right up.

blind akita 1

Now that the 10 year old Akita has lost both of her eyes, her puppy brothers constantly walk on either side of her to keep her from bumping into surrounding objects.

These two dogs have effectively become service dogs for another dog! How amazing is that?

Featured image via Jessica VanHusen.

h/t Huffington Post.

Regina Lizik

7 years ago