This Human Is Responsible For The Most Beautiful Dog Photos We’ve Seen

Reviewed by Emily Wang

December 19, 2014

By day, Alicja is a 19-year-old student at the University of Silesia in Katowice. She spends her spare time adding a touch of magic to photos of man’s best friend. These are no longer just photographs, but thoughtfully crafted, gorgeous pieces of artwork.

“My first and only dog is my 8-year-old Golden Retriever, Kiara,” Alicja tells BarkPost. “I’ve been taking pictures of her since she arrived to my home in 2006, and it was the beginning for me and dog photography. She is like an angel! Really amazing, calm, and patient. Perfect in being a friend and also a professional photo model!”


But having her own dog that’s naturally gifted in the modeling department isn’t where it ends!

“In my pictures you’ll often see three Border Collies – their names are Zoe, Madlene and Sorin,” Alicja says. These three extremely beautiful and talented pups are owned by her friend Patrycja Kowalczyk, who runs MADzone Dog training Center. These perfectly trained and intelligent pooches serve as great subjects for Alicja. “They can do so many useful tricks! My most popular picture with them is where they’re hugging in the middle of the road.”

There is a special quality about each and every one of Alicja’s photos that seems to show the spirit and talent of these amazing dogs. Whether they’re hugging like a group of friends or rolling in a pile of leaves having fun, Alicja has really captured the personalities of each of her subjects perfectly.


Her passion for dogs and art make for truly one-of-a-kind portraits.

“I think my biggest inspirations are dogs and nature. I always try to find the perfect place – somewhere that’s colorful and filled with flowers, like from a fairytale I guess. Taking dogs there during the right time of the day when the light is the best – during sunset or sunrise – and taking my camera out. Then, it all just kinds of comes naturally.”

Alicja’s unique view on photography and stories clearly shine through in her final portraits. “Photography allows you to capture the uniqueness of moments and places, and it lets you show your own point of view and feelings associated with them. There’s always something to show through your photograph – the trick is to show it in a different and new way.”

Check out the rest of Alicja’s work at her website or Facebook page.

All images via Alicja Zmyslowski

Reviewed by Emily Wang

December 19, 2014