Yesterday BarkBox Was Hacked: An Apology

Written by: Stacie Grissom

January 22, 2020

So we owe you all a bit of an apology. Yesterday, on 1/21/2020 all of the BARK social media accounts were hacked and taken over by squirrels.

It caused a lot of confusion and we received worried Tweets…


Texts from former coworkers…

MANY comments…

And even internal Slack messages about the whole debacle.

We have to admit, things got a little…………. nuts.

Not going to lie, being hacked is a social media team’s worst nightmare. The squirrels took our Facebook. The squirrels took @BarkBox. The squirrels took @BARK. They even took our Instagram Stories.

As the day went on, we started to learn about the squirrels’ logic for taking over our pages.

Last month our Muttcracker boxes were filled with nuts and apparently that drained the squirrel’s stash.

So they stole our accounts to demand retribution.

Fortunately, the community came together to save us. (The squirrels demanded 1,000,000 nuts in payment.)

As of 11:47am EST today, the BarkBox social media team has yet to be sacked… but to be honest we are not sure it’s over because we also almost gave an extremely senior member of the company a midnight text-inducing panic.

We will keep you all posted… If we still have jobs.

PS Thank you DogoDay for your moral support.

Written by: Stacie Grissom

January 22, 2020