Anatolian Shepherd Pups Will Soon Be The Fluffiest Rangers In A Major National Park

This is what will stand between the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park and potential danger:


Well, okay, they’ll be a little bigger by next year, but the message still stands. Anatolian Shepherds, along with the Great Pyrenees, Karabash, and Akbash (breeds native to Turkey), are brilliant livestock guards. In Namibia, the Shepherds save sheep, goats, and other livestock from cheetahs, and save the cheetahs from potentially being killed by angry farmers.

It’s really a win-win situation for everyone. The dogs, raised in Turkey, are sent all over the world to perform similar jobs.


Next year, some of the pups will fly to the U.S. to protect creatures big and small in Yellowstone National Park as part of a wildlife protection project.

shepherd dog

By meeting young, the dogs form bonds with the creatures they will essentially be living with. “In Canada and Mongolia, wolves used to damage animal herds and we sent our dogs,” said Muhammet Karakoyun, president of the center in Turkey. “We send these dogs to different countries around the world. They serve nature. Officials are highly satisfied by their skills. I am proud of them.”

dog with his herd

These pooches are simply naturals at being awesome. When they grow up with a group of animals, they begin to consider them family. And family always protects their own.

We can’t wait to see the little fluffs in action!

H/t Daily Sabah

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago