Anderson Cooper Just Got A New Puppy And She’s Adorable

We all know Anderson Cooper is a dog lover. He’s donated vests so police dogs can be protected. He’s devoted entire TV specials to the questions: Does Your Dog Love You? He also just seems to be a crazy dog mom. So when his dog Molly passed away, we all mourned with him.

However, now that time has passed, it’s clear Anderson has gotten the dog bug again and he just introduced the newest member of his family: puppy Lilly!


Congratulations to the both of you, and we look forward to many heart-shatteringly adorable moments in the future! #WereGonnaStalkYouALittle #OkWeTotallyDidBefore #ButNowWereReallyGoingHardCoreWithIt

Featured Image via @andersoncooper

Lisa Bernier

6 years ago