This Apartment Building’s Super Is A Bulldog, And We’re Ready To Move In

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

September 26, 2014

Forget a swimming pool, concierge, and community garden. The newest, fun trend in apartment living these days?

Having a resident dog.


Emmy, the 1 year English Bulldog of building Manager Doug Crawford, is officially apartment complex 2M’s communal pup. What does that mean? Emmy is the official pupsentative of the building.


According to her bio on the 2M website, among her duties are to “take walks with our residents in the dog park, fetch a few hugs, kisses and belly rubs, and host community happy hours.” As she concludes, “it’s a ruff job, but some puppy’s got to do it!”


From her doghouse which is an exact replica of the 2M building, she is already a clear hit with not only the residents, but also prospective dwellers as well. Ph.D student Mara Pillinger told the Good News Network that Emmy was “95% of the reason” she moved in.


As spokesperson for the building’s owner, Anne-Marie Bairstow, explained, “A lot of people who live in apartments would like to have a dog but don’t feel that they can with their work and travel and commitments. They can go and see Emmy and not have all the responsibilities.”


Residents are also allowed to have their own pooches that can play with Emmy, as it is a pet friendly building.

The only problem the Emmy has run into so far? Too many treats from residents who want to spoil her.

For more on the adventures of the 2M pup Emmy, check out her Instagram or read about her on the 2m website!

Featured Image via 2mpup Instagram
h/t to Good News Network

Reviewed by Lisa Bernier

September 26, 2014