7 Ways Dogs Totally Pranked Humans On April Fools’ Day

Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 1, 2015

It’s that time of year again when our social media accounts are flooded with fake announcements and we become suspicious of all our friends for April Fools’ Day. Naturally, companies are also hopping on the April Fools’ Day bandwagon and pranking their consumers in creative ways, often including dogs in the hilarious pranks.


Because dogs make everything better, that’s why.

1. “Pets Un-leashed” by T-Mobile


Ever wondered what it would be like for your dog to have his own phone? T-Mobile explores that frightening possibility in this amusing ad for a $5/month service that would allow your dog to do things we all do, like obnoxiously Instagram all meals…


…and update friends on the most mundane aspects of our daily lives.


It’s not all for giggles, though. According to their site, “T-Mobile is making a $1 donation per visitor to the Humane Society, up to $10,000.” Way to go, T-Mobile! 😀

2. DocSend Dachshund Delivery

The innovative company specializing in Document Intelligence has thought of the pawfect way to seamlessly bring their product to the physical realm with the help of Dachshunds. First, attach the document you’d like to send to the Doxie like so…


…and he’ll be on his way.


The service even comes with a built-in paper shredder.


The company reminds users to keep in mind that “deliveries are limited to a 2-mile radius from the sender. Those little legs can only travel so far.” Cheeky!

3. DogSports by Zogsports


It’s not much of a stretch for the social sports league ZogSports to design their first ever sports league for dogs considering their name. And though your pup won’t get to try his paw at Barksketball in real life, you can use #DogSports when uploading a pic of your pup on Instagram or Twitter for a chance to win a free canine sized DogSports t-shirt!

4. Virgin Australia’s airport lounge for pets

Australians have a right to be upset with Virgin Australia for this one. The premiere airline announced the opening of its new airport lounge dedicated to pets, where furry best friends can enjoy world-class amenities reserved for the pampered.


Even if you don’t normally fly with this airline, the possibility of this becoming a world standard is enough for us crazy dog people to excitedly share the news and then feel the crush in our souls when we realize it’s April 1st and none of this is real.

5. Prafting by Darby Smart


Darby Smart just launched a crafting line for pets that will bring out the DIY-er in your pup! With activities such as “Puppy Paw Painting” and “Doggie Decorating,” Prafting promises to help you share your passion for crafting with your furry bestie.

6. iRobot’s Waggin’ Wagon


The company that brought you the Roomba designed an accessory for pups who like to go for rides around the house. Introducing the Waggin’ Wagon, which is basically a car seat strapped onto a Roomba, for pups who care about safety.

7. Zumba For Dogs

Get ready to wiggle that booty and shed some pounds fur, because the Zumba craze has officially hit the canine world!

Zumba wants you to throw the ultimate fitness pawty for your favorite pup. To participate, just snap a pic of your dog and comment below with #Zumba4Dogs, and 5 lucky winners will get a free month of BarkBox! For more info, visit Zumba4Dogs. Good luck! 😉

*PUPDATE: 6:42pm
8. Pawculus Rift – The Only Virtual Reality Experience for Dogs

Announcing Virtual Reality for Dogs from Cramer on Vimeo.

Cramer’s past R&D cycle was focused heavily on discovering the brand experiences made possible through virtual reality technology. One thing kept coming up in their research, though. There were virtual gaming options for nearly every demographic out there, yet an important market remained untapped. Dogs. Welcome to the future of fetch!

Featured image via T-Mobile

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Written by: Nicole Zalat

April 1, 2015

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