Should I Put My Dog Away When Anti-Dog Guests Come Over?

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This week’s question was submitted by Canine Conflict* of Providence, Rhode Island. (*Names have been changed):

My brother-in-law has never liked dogs. Whenever he comes over I feel pressure to put my dog Snow in another room. Am I a jerk if I leave her out while he’s over?

Hi Canine Conflict, it’s a tough spot that I’ve been in before. I understand you wanted to make your guest, as well as your dog feel comfortable.

sam doodle

I decided to ask a few co-workers about this one and their responses were nothing short of what I expected them to be: “Why would you be hanging out with someone that doesn’t like dogs?” “Why would your sibling choose to torture you by marrying someone like that?” and lastly “Absolutely not.” Keep in mind that’s coming from an office filled with hardcore puppy ruvers who have the most hilarious responses to everything dog related.

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My opinion is a little different than theirs based on my own experiences. Most of my extended family comes from Greece and simply aren’t used to having a dog. While I love my dog and consider him a part of the family, I do put him in another room if guests are uncomfortable or express fear around my dog. Part of the reason why I do this is because dogs can pick up on nervous energy. Although Levi has never shown signs of aggression I want to make sure he’s never put in an uncomfortable situation.

awkard golden

Ultimately it’s your home and your decision to make. You shouldn’t feel obligated to put your dog away but it might be beneficial to do so. If the situation makes you feel uncomfortable, I would bring it to your family’s attention and suggest meeting somewhere other than your home.

Melina Giakas

6 years ago