This Amazing Shelter Is Changing The Face Of Adoption, One Playgroup At A Time

Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

May 22, 2015

We believe in honoring the unsung heroes who make this world a better place for dogs and hoomans alike and BarkGood’s Shelter of the Month Program helps us make that happen! This May, our hats go off to the amazing folks at Austin Pets Alive!  Their slogan is “Helping People Help Pets” and that’s exactly what these canine crusaders are doing!

austin pets alive pup hug

Austin Pets Alive! is more than just an animal shelter. They are fighting to increase adoption rates and ensure that their graduates find furever homes by providing behavioral training, socialization and follow-up consultation.


The Dog Behavior Program at APA! is leading the pack in shelter dog training by utilizing three techniques:

  1. Dog Playgroups – Shelter pups get to release some energy while socializing with other dogs and human volunteers. Interactions of this sort are extremely important to ensure that adoptable dogs are ready to acclimate to their new families- those with fur and without! These sessions are also essential for the staff to evaluate each pup’s personality and identify their individual behavioral needs.
  2. The Canine Good Citizens Program – This innovative program offers training to large breed dogs and those in need of behavioral modification prior to adoption. Eligible dogs are taught the ten tests of a Canine Good Citizen, allowing them to become better candidates for adoption and achieve success in their new homes. New pup parents are encouraged to return with their CGC alum to finish their official certification.
  3. Adoption Follow Ups – The loving support an APA! pooch receives from the staff does not end with a happy adoption. These hound heroes keep in touch with all their adopters through phone consultations. They offer private lessons and unlimited support for behavioral issues that may occur in the new home.

The tireless efforts of the pawsome volunteers and staff at APA! have led to an amazing 80% decrease in the length of time a Good Citizen dog spends in the shelter before being adopted AND a 30% increase in the number of CGC adoptions overall!  To learn more about the revolutionary programs at APA! or to find out how you can help, head to our Shelter of the Month Page:

Want to see the role models at Austin Pets Alive! and their Canine Good Citizens in action? Check out this video!




Reviewed by Hope Bobbitt

May 22, 2015