6 Insane Videos of Dogs Catching Things

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 30, 2013

I can remember the first time my pup Priscilla caught a Cheerio, which isn’t all that amazing since it was just yesterday.  And it was all inspired by this video that I saw on the BarkBox Facebook page.

Now, prior to watching this video, Priscilla was always a “hand me my treats gently” kind of girl.  I never tossed her food to her like she was some kind of, well, animal!  But I just had to try.  So, with a handful of Cheerio’s and her sitting obediently in front of me, I tossed the first one.  Which hit her smack between the eyes without even attempting to catch it.  The second, third and fourth attempts didn’t fare much better.  What had I done?  Did I raise a pup that was incapable of snatching a snack from the air?

We were both determined to get this right.  I could just see it in her eyes.  Sure enough, it must have been about 12 of little oat rings in, she did it.  She actually caught one.  And then another.  And another.  To see if it was just a fluke, I tried it this morning.  She got it on the first try and every try thereafter.  You can teach an old dog (or at least a middle-aged dog) new tricks.
Which got me thinking – there must be other dogs out there on the internets catching things.  Here are some of my favorite videos.

Dog catching socks

Pure awesomeness.  This is the dog you need on laundry day.  Never again will a sock be lost in the dryer!

Dogs catching Frisbees (in reverse!)

Ah, that staple of dog parks everywhere – the Frisbee.  What could be better than watching a hopping hound catch one of these dizzying discs?  Why, watching them do it in reverse.  Enjoy!

Catching (and then throwing!) Classic Tennis Ball

Whether it is dreams of Wimbledon or just that fuzzy, green exterior, there is something about a tennis ball that seems to just drive dogs of all sizes wild.  This dog takes it to a whole other level.  Catching a tennis ball?  Check.  How about throwing it back afterwards?  Seeing is believing.

Honorable mention:

Not quite catching, this pooch take the love of tennis balls to a whole new level.

Dog catches really big fish

Fishing rod? Check.  Bait?  Check.  What’s that?  You forgot all of your fishing gear?  Well, fear not!  It turns out that all you need to bring with you for your next outdoor excursion is one expert angler in dog form.  This is one fish tale with a wagging tail to match.

Catching some rays AND some ZZZ’s

Now, I know how to take a nap.  And I can float in a pool.  And, if the opportunity presents itself, I can do both.  But, not for many, many years, has someone seen me doing this and thought that it was cute.  These dogs take the prize.  Sign them up for an all-inclusive resort vacation.

Main image from here.

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

December 30, 2013

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