18 Dogs Who Look Just As Awkward Hugging That Acquaintance As You Do

Not all dogs are practiced models with picture-perfect hugs... alicjazmyslowska Little do people know, dogs in reality can have quite awkward moments as well. 1. Like these two. The Boxer is like "I just want to love you..." while his counterpart doesn't seem amused. At all.  b32c3666fc7ad9c264f78d55228f5b96 2. Size differences can make things really weird. Like when your legs are 6 inches tall and his are 2 feet in length. johnliot 3. Pretty sure this little pup didn't see the running tackle hug coming.  cuteanimalsofig 4. No doubt these two are whispering sweet nothings in each others' ears as they hug it out.  josephpmullen 5. When you hug someone you think you know, but it turns out it's a stranger. That's what we would call a faux paw. obecalp_cure 6. Err, they've been hugging for like two minutes already. It's probably about time to let go. projectlightcsulb 7. When you're going in for a side hug but they try to give you a full on hug... adamg123abc 8. This one is often referred to as the full-frontal hug. The open-mouthed "OH" face is optional, though. barleyandlager 9. This pup is thinking, "OMG so excited to see my BFFL; must hug now through this super inconveniently placed fence!" nashasarkari 10. Sometimes the approach of the hug can be way too aggressive. We call this the "Why Won't You Let Me Love You" approach. izzypuppizzy 11. When you're trying to make a hug work despite the obstacles in your way. yorkskarmabits 12. This pup is clearly experiencing the "this-is-nice-but-I just-realized-I'm-not-ready-for-a-commitment" hug. lohkali 13. Some dogs take an "It's only awkward if you make it awkward" approach and just latch right on. We call this the "Uncle Lester" approach. doggie_gems 14. When you go in for a high-five but get a hug in return... huskimo_louie 15. No shame in a little on-the-floor know, if you want to take it there. simashah311 16. Hugs can get really awkward when you don't know where to put your hands.  theredqueen4 17. This pup clearly didn't know what to do, so his brain (in panic mode) went directly to HUG THE HAND. HUG IT AS HARD AS YOU CAN.  jinamiahuskies 18. But the most awkward hug award goes to these two dogs, who look like you when that drunk co-worker gets a little too hands-y at the company party. Someone call that dog an Uber already. Ndfz9Cm

Emily Wang

6 years ago

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