12 Painfully Awkward Things That Happen When You Have A Service Dog

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 11, 2015

Having a service dog comes with a unique set of challenges — some weirder than others.

1. “Is he a service dog?”

We come here twice a week. Did you forget?

2. Having to use a public restroom of any kind.

Dear stall neighbor… I’m sorry you’re being watched. Please don’t sue us.

3. How you feel driving around town.

I’m sorry for cutting you off. But my dog has to pee.

4. Trying to pretend you don’t see her licking herself while people are eating

Any day now you can be done. Annnyyyyy day.

5. Forevermore having to explain to people they can’t ask you for Service Dog cards.

giphy (9)

Because they don’t exist.

6.Basically dealing with a puppy celebrity wherever you go.

Because this is how the general public sees your service dog.

7.”Is it a real service dog?” 

giphy (3)

After a while, it starts to gets difficult to control your sarcasm. Yep. Poops and everything.

8. Going slightly AWOL on people that aren’t watching where they’re going.

giphy (4)

Step on my dog’s paws and you and I have an issue.

9. “How do I make my dog a service dog?”

Well see…first, you’ll have to go and get yourself a disability.

10. Sitting next to strangers on airplanes who act like they’ve never seen a dog before. 

giphy (5)

“So… he just sits there? Will he be ok? Does he like planes?”

11. When she farts. In her sleep. In public.

giphy (8)

And strikes at the quietest and most intimate settings.

12. Walking anywhere, since I’m not in a wheelchair.

giphy (7)

Just because I’m not blind doesn’t mean I don’t have a disability… and your stares are making us uncomfortable.

But sometimes Paw-kward is just part of the services they provide.

Feature image via Canine Bodhisattva

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

December 11, 2015