Baby Wolf And Puppy Playing Tug Of War Will Tug At Your Heart

Meet Faye, a thirteen-week-old Border Collie and her friend, Nikai, a nine-week-old wolf, who is ruining my life. I’m sorry, I’m just really overwhelmed by how cute these two pups are when they’re playing together and now I need a wolf. I need to raise a wolf, or be raised by wolves. I don’t know, you guys! Nikai’s massive paws, amber eyes, and stupidly cute tail got me all crazy.

Nikai and Faye live at The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY and according to the luckiest people in the world who work there, “The two cute canids met up so that Nikai could benefit from socializing with another puppy. Faye is a perfect date for him- patient, intelligent and boundlessly energetic - she likes to control the toys, but she constantly engages Nikai and is completely comfortable roughhousing with him.” Gaaaahhhh! I need a wolf. If you would like to waste a couple hours (instead of writing a blog post) I recommend checking out The Wolf Conservation Center's WEBCAMS.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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