11 Really Bad Dog Roommates

A whole new year means all new beginnings! Unfortunately, that also can mean a whole new apartment lease, which means diving into the seedy underbelly that is finding a roommate in the big city. Here's 14 roommates your dog would advise against sharing your living space with... 1. The roommate who thinks he’s a DJ (and wants everyone in the building to know it). 1 2. The roommate who spends hours in the bathroom. 2 3. The anti-social-to-the-point-of-wondering-what-exactly-are-you-hiding? roommate. 3 4. The roommate who's really lazy with the whole rent paying thing. 4.jpg 5. The dirty roommate. 6 6. The roommate who eats your groceries. 7 7. The wake-you-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-stumbling-home drunk. 8 8. The roommate who raids your closet without asking 9 9. The CrossFit roommate. 11 10. The roommate who's impossible to talk to. 13 11. And *that* roommate. 15 Just kidding, dogs always make the best roommates.  
Featured image via The Naughty Dog

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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