20 Dogs Who Ruined Your Engagement Photos

Congratulations, you're engaged to be married to your best friend! To celebrate this magical time in your lives, you and your partner have decided to pose for beautiful photos that you'll send out to friends and family to announce the exciting news. And you can't forget to include your furry best friend in the photo -- after all, they're part of the family!
What you weren't counting on, though, was being upstaged by your opinionated pup. Here are 21 dogs who aren't so convinced about this whole engagement photo thing. 1. "Great. Less couch space for me." badengage2 2. "I object!" badengage3 3. "So you take us into a field and don't throw any balls???" badengage4 4. "I can't wait to NOT forever hold my pee peace about this." badengage5 5. "It's great you guys found true love BUT WOULD YOU LOOK AT ALL THESE LEAVES?!" dog photobomb 6. "What's the point of licking a face if there's no peanut butter on it? Stop it." badengage7 7. "I'm not even a Shar Pei. This is just my 'over it' face." badengage8 8. This is perfect...if you like digging through dog poop for your lost ring. badengage9 9. "I'm hiding behind this bush because I don't want to be seen with you two in public." badengage10 10. "Yes, we get it. Love. Get a room." badengage11 11. "Save us. Please. Save us." badengage12 12. "I'm done. I'm so over this." badengage13 13. "I can't see you basics with these shades on. #Swerve" badengage14 14. "STAHP, humans! No, really -- stop." badengage15 15. "I'm Photoshopping myself out of these." badengage16 16. "I HATE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW." badengage18 17. "There is not enough bacon in the world to get me through this." badengage19 18. "Nope." badengage20 19. "Oh, for Dog's sake." badengage21 20. "Guess how many pups I give. Here's a hint: NONE." badengage22
Featured Image via DNK Photography

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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