An Act Of Cruelty Unforgivably Disfigured This Pup. An Act Of Kindness Saved Her.

When two passersby found Cheers the dog, she couldn’t eat and could barely breathe. She was on the verge of death. The reason? Some cruel jerk had tied a small rope around her neck, effectively cutting off the circulation to her face and head.

Image via LifeWithDogs

As a result, Cheers’s face swelled up to an unwieldy, life-threatening size. The pain must have been unbearable.

Image via LifeWithDogs

Fortunately for Cheers, the passersby realized the source of the problem when she wouldn’t eat or drink, and they immediately removed the rope.

Image via LifeWithDogs

Cheers was taken to the Fulton County Animal Services where she received her much-needed medical attention and her face returned to a normal, healthy size.

Image via LifeWithDogs

Cheers is now in the care of Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs, where she hopes to get healthy enough to find her furever home.

Image via LifeWithDogs

You can donate to Cheers by donating directly to Second Chance or make inquiries about adoption opportunities. Knowing what a survivor Cheers is, we suspect she’ll make a dogless home very happy indeed.

h/t to LifeWithDogs

Featured image via LifeWithDogs


Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago