This Amazon Dog Bed Comes With A Surprise Toy, And People’s Pics Are ADORABLE

Looking for durable comfort, easy clean-up, and a good night's rest? Snag BarkBox's orthopedic memory foam bed here and show your dog how to play hard and dream big. Unless you're completely unfamiliar with Hans Christian Anderson and his (usually) disturbing fairytales, you probably know the story of the princess and the pea. In this tale, a prince begins his search for a real princess. When a girl shows up at the castle gates, she's sent to bed upon a single pea and twenty mattresses, only to wake up with bruises and complaints about the uncomfortable pea-bump. She's a keeper, amirite? She's then deemed "sensitive" enough to be a princess and lives happily ever after. *rolls eyes into back of skull* SO... BarkBox recently debuted a new orthopedic memory foam dog bed on Amazon, along with a little squeaky legume and a wearable paper crown. Because all dogs are royalty, we asked people to snap a pic of their #PupAndThePea atop their brand new beds. Enjoy smiling at these 17 REAL princes and princesses:

1. This little nugget, whose pea is almost as big as his head.

2. A sleepy Knightro, who will rule his kingdom with an iron paw one day.

3. This absolute heir to the bone.

4. Fiorenzo, sunning on that sweet, sweet memory foam.

5. Princess Addie awaiting her royal court.

6. This cozy pajama'ed pittie who demands only a nice head scritch.

7. This pint-sized duo who's ready for some serious snugglin'.

8. This grumpy goober who could use a good, deep snooze.

9. Luna's hypnotizing puppy eyes just BEGGING you to throw the pea.

10. An impatient Binkley waiting for Human to put the camera away, already.

11. Regal Luna waiting for the peasants to bring a chicken for her table.

12. This pooped-out pupper dreaming of squirrels and turkey jerky.

13. Itty bitty Wickett chillin' out after some pea-fetch.

14. Owen, who knows no amount of sleep will get rid of those glorious wrinkles.

15. A guilty Bailey relieved to know his bed cover is totally machine-washable.

16. This beautiful floof about to recharge with a three-hour nap.

17. AND... future queen and current bed warmer, Mona.

Is your pup ready to play hard and dream big? Get 20% off BarkBox's orthopedic memory foam bed (with matching pea and crown!) with CODE: 20M15VHY and show 'em a great night in!

Samantha Erb

3 years ago

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