The Very Simple Way to Get Your Dog in a National Television Commercial

Featured Image: The Corgi Adventures of Foxy Lady

A few months back we had a contest to find the best dog butt in the land to star in our first national television commercial. We're back again to open this contest up to EV-FUR-YBODY, not just New York dogs with nice bums. Talking Pug To enter, all you need to do is film your dog's best BarkBox unboxing in your own creative way! Talking Pug The prize: Your pup will be the STAR of our national television commercial. Such glory. Much fame. The Rules: 1. Record your pup opening this month's BarkBox (ships on July 15th) 2. Upload your unboxing video to YouTube – length should be 3 minutes max and include 'BarkBox Unboxing' in the video title. 3. Send the YouTube URL to [email protected] with "BarkBox Unboxing" in the subject line. 4. Give your pup a belly scratch (or two) 5. Wait to see if your pup is the star of our new TV Commercial :) Submission deadline is August 4th at midnight so hurry up and get those cameras rolling! For ins-paw-ration, check out some of our favorite videos from the past. :) We want to see videos that are out of the box! ;P

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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