BarkBox ♥’s Pups: Meet Mu-Shu

Written by: Stacie Grissom

December 5, 2012

While we do like to have a lot of fun here in the BarkBox office, (ie: Epic tug-of-war battles, dogs on Twitter, email correspondences with dogs) there is a higher mission at BarkBox. Frankly– we just want to make dogs happy. Whether that means delivering boxes of dog goodies to doorsteps, supporting shelters around the country, or finding pups a home, we want to do all we can to make the lives of our furry pals better.

One small way we plan to help pups is to have periodic features of dogs in need of a home. A few weeks ago we featured Maggie, this week we have Mu-Shu, a Pekingese pup in NYC.  Like many rescue dogs, Mu-Shu has an incomplete story, he was found as a stray in Manhattan. He does have a distinct personality, and he needs someone who will accept him for who he is while striving to make constant improvements on his behaviour. He is one lovable pup. 🙂

pekingese pekingese

About Mu-Shu: (Written by his foster mom, Reeshmay.)

Age:  5yrs old

Weight :  19 lbs

Breed: Pekingnese

 Cuddly:  Mu-shu has learned to be cuddly and more affectionate within our home. Mu-shu MUST be given the chance to bond  and to learn to trust the individual before he starts to really interact with you, and that’s when his best features actually come out. I did a lot of this by spending time with him, talking to him, playing with him, and slowly touching him and then stealing little kisses from him. Now he’s a pro at given me some loving.

Active: Mu-shu is more laid back. He loves to go on his walks and go hanging out with me especially into the city. However, he does not like long periods of walking. He does love to play a good game of catch and generally any playing with most doggy toys.

Good with other dogs: Initially he can be more Alpha upon meeting any other dog, but he learns his place within the pact quickly. He does guard his treats, food and toys from other dogs– human folks not so much. It would not be good for him to go into a home with a passive dog.

Social: Though Mu-shu currently lives with other dogs and 2 rescued cats, he is not that social outside of his territory with other animals. He has allowed visitors that come to our home to pet him, though I clearly watch his behavior for any reactions. He knows stay, sit, wait, and will only “go under” on his own terms. He has a mind of his own and can sometimes be quite stubborn and do things at his pace and when he chooses to.

General temperament: Mu-shu is a great dog that needs to be in a home with people that have the patience and time to devote to getting to know him and connecting with him. He cannot be considered for homes with children. He is happy dog, not a big barker at all, wonderful for living in an apartment. Mu-shu will require grooming on a regular basis. He is healthy and up to date with all vaccinations.


Mu-Shu is currently being fostered in Brooklyn. For more info about him, see his profile on Petfinder! 🙂 Want to foster a pup like Mu-Shu? Check out the post BarkBox Erin wrote on her experiences.

Are you a pup foster parent with a furry friend in need of adoption? Send an email to [email protected] and we can chat about a feature on The BarkPost! 

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

December 5, 2012

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