BarkBox Hosted A Singles Mixer For Dog Lovers and It Was a Ruvly Affair

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015

As any dog parent knows, dating with a pup isn’t always all fun and games. Cuddling turns into a 3-way affair replete with dog butt (and often farts). Your Monday morning meetings are suddenly much furrier. And let’s not even mention that side-eye jealousy thing.

Which is why, for dog parents, true ruv is most likely waiting at the other end of your fur-child’s best friend’s leash.

So this Valentine’s Day season, Bark & Co brought single dog owners together for the first ever BarkBox Singles Mixer. Many farts and a couple miscalculated poops later, ruv was truly in the air.




BarkBox extends extra-special belly scratches to the dog lovers at Glassful who presented the wine flight for the evening. Glassful is a new subscription service for stellar wines that we truly ruv here at Bark & Co (check out pawfice pup Andi browsing the selections).


If you haven’t tried Glassful yet, give it a whirl with code PUPPYRUV at checkout to get your first box for $35 (reg. $54). Includes 3 bottles of wine, hand-picked for you and delivered to your door. Best of all: they’re so dog friendly. Follow @glassful on Instagram for even more puppy ruv!

Our bellies needed some extra scratchin’ after filling up on chef Ellie Zitsman’s pup-ruvin’ dessert bar. Ellie Zitsman (also known as the culinary social media persona: @Delishatarian) creates a beautiful marriage between the wholesome, balanced dishes we know we should be eating and the decadent comfort food we all secretly crave. As a graduate from the Natural Gourmet Institute, she has worked under celebrity chefs, from April Bloomfield to Jean-Georges Vongerichten, but gained most recent acclaim for her concise and flavorful bar menu at the Lower East Side’s newest craft cocktail spot, Boilermaker. She is currently working on a children’s cook book series, and freelancing as a personal chef.



Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

February 13, 2015