Look At These Five Rescue Dogs Who Were Turned Into Works of Art

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 22, 2014

So, recently BarkGood did a doge takeover of the art world their show and online art exhibit-cum-shop PUP ART: A Show for Fluffy Singles.

With that and the fact we here at Bark & Co just love finding pups their furever homes, we’re starting a new regular feature here at BarkPost, where we’ll show off five pawesome fluffy singles every week who are looking for some of that hooman family action.

Let’s kick it off strong with these five adorable doges who are the inspawration behind some pretty wonderful art!

1. Princess Soft Paws


Aside from having the BEST NAME EVER, this fuzzbutt is an incredibly adorable two-year old. PSP hails from Manchester, Connecticut and was rescued by Our Companions Animal Rescue.
2. Rex


This three-year-old soulful-eyed nugget was saved by NY Pet-I-Care Adoption Program and is in NYC. He is friends with humans and pigs! Watch him romp with his snorty acquaintances on YouTube and we pawmise, you’ll fall in love.
3. Ozzy and Harley


What’s better than one sweet senior pug? Two (duh). Ozzy and Harley are being fostered in Long Island via Pug-Peke-Tzu Rescue, and are a bonded pair that will increase the cute factor by two million in your home. Want to see what they look like with tattoos? Here ya go.
4. Bianca

This beauty is calling to all bully lovers in Maryland! Bella’s Bully Buddies says this one-year-old is thriving in her foster home, but of course, would love a furever pup parent to walk her, play with her, and rub her nice round belly. She also looks paw-mazing in shades, as you can see.
5. Zoey


Finally, we’ve got this lovely lady from 2nd Chance 4 Life Rescue in Elizabethtown, PA who is clearly always best in show. Her life hasn’t always been easy, however. She comes from a bad breeding situation but is now safe and on the lookout for her new mom or dad – could it be you??

Check out all these pups by downloading the BarkBuddy app! All the art featured in this post is also still available online for purchase in October!

Featured image via Pup Art

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Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 22, 2014

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