Shelter Pup Now Has The Coolest Job Thanks To An App

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 13, 2015

Do you remember the first time you saw your dog? That feeling of your heart almost literally exploding with love for this little creature that would soon be your best friend for life? Now that so many initial adoption introductions take place online, many soon-to-be dog parents remember the exact glance that made them fall head-over-paws for their soon-to-be pup.

Rachael King is one of these pup parents. As Head of Communications at DogVacay, an organization dedicated to helping folks find loving dog sitters near them, she first saw her dog on BarkBuddy, our very own Bark & Co. app that connects hopeful dog adopters with cute pups in search of a furever home.

Rachael had been on the fence about getting her own pup for awhile. A long-time cat parent, Rachael loved not only feline “quirky personalities,” but also their low-maintenance lifestyle. Nervous about how much work a dog would be, she planned to hold off on adopting one until she felt more settled. Rachael adds:

“I work at DogVacay, where our employees bring their 25+ pups into the office each day, so I get plenty of puppy playtime at work.”

But, working in the pup business, Rachael had downloaded the BarkBuddy app as a way to quell boredom with epic doses of cute. But in the back of her head was the thought that if she saw a specific dog that barked to her, she could always check him/her out.

Well, she saw a pup that barked at her- and loudly! It was the pup formerly known as Simba, who now goes by Butters.

“It was Butters’ magnificent ears that stopped me in my tracks. I’ve always had a soft spot for goofy looking pups like Corgis that make you smile just by looking at them, and Butters definitely checks that box. The shelter said that he was still available, so I told myself I was just going to visit… but when I met him, I knew he was meant for me. I filled out an application and two days later, I brought him home.”

Now, the dynamic duo is inseparable! Butters has joined the work force, going to the DogVacay office with Rachael everyday.

“Butters gets me out of the office to go for a much-needed walk a few times a day, and it’s hard to get stressed out (even at a startup) when there’s a loving pup staring up at you who wants nothing more than to PLAY!”

Are you looking to find your very own Butters-esque best friend? Visit us on BarkBuddy and look no further!

All images via @misterbuttersworth

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 13, 2015