Fetch Techniques With Your Pup That Are Just As Effective As Hard-Core Cardio

In addition to being your therapist, best friend, and S.O. substitute, wouldn’t it be wonderful if your pup could also be your workout buddy/pawsonal trainer?

Well, pup parents… today’s your lucky day! We know you’ve got super busy schedules, so BarkPost Production’s new series, BarkFit, is here to help you save time by combining your workout and your dog’s playtime!

In Cardio – Fetch, BarkFit trainer Louise Gassman and her pup, Roland, take you through a quick 4 exercise workout to get your blood pumping while you play fetch with your pup!

Check back every Tuesday in November for more BarkFit videos to help you get through stuff yourself with food until you can’t move time the pawlidays!

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Exercise videos usually have some sort of disclaimer, so this is ours. Even though we know smart people like you don’t need it!

Information provided by BarkFit is general in nature and is furnished for educational/entertainment purposes. Because we don’t have a Pee-hD, information is not to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any specific individual or dog’s health or medical condition. Consult with your doctor/veterinarian before starting an exercise program for you or your dog. Never push yourself or your pup past the level of safety.

Woooof, you got all that? Good!

Laura Hartle

7 years ago