BarkPost Presents: A Few Of Our Favorite Ambassadogs (So Far)

Written by: Will Storie

May 26, 2017

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Recently we invited some of our most loyal readers to join BarkPost Ambassadogs, a Facebook group where we show off our dogs and talk about our favorite fuzzy friends.

I really mean it when I say that the BarkPost crew has been delighted and impressed with all the wag-nificent dogs you’ve shared so far. And we just had to show ’em off to the rest of our readers!

Everybody, keep posting those dogs! We’ve had too many perfect pups to pick from, and I’m already determined to share another gallery A.S.A.P.

1. This strange pupper who has his Mom asking: “Butt why?”

As this pup’s mama, Leslie, says: “The squeaky squirrel is by his bum area. WHY IS THE SQUIRREL BY HIS BUM AREA?” It might take Sherlock Bones to solve that mystery.

2. This magnificent mass of manatee.

Kim, this majestic dog’s mama, says it best: “The very rare, endangered land manatee. Seen here in its natural state – vegetating. It is related to the land seal and land walrus. Approach with caution then snug well.”

3. This delightfully jolly tape-dispenser.

Deanna posted a picture of Blue, this stunning specimen. What I don’t understand though, is how the %&$! do you get THAT MUCH TONGUE from one dog??

4. Batdog is pretty much OVER IT.

Erin shared this picture of her big, sleepy bat-dog. This pup’s superpower: apparently judging you?

5. This doggo just letting it all sink in.

Miho introduced us to Foota, “my goofy Golden who loves chilling in the sink in my bathroom…” Glad you’ve found a place to sit back and reflect! Looks pretty peaceful, as long as you don’t mind your butt being just a *teensy* bit wet.

6. This pup in the midst of a major fashion decision.

Helen shared these pictures with the big dilemma: “Cinnamon’s going to a party tonight and can’t decide which tie to wear.” Like many Ambassadog commenters, I’m rooting for the bow- tie. Helen herself says it best: “He looks like a proper proper old school gangster in the bow tie.” Watch out, Pugsy Siegel!

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Written by: Will Storie

May 26, 2017

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