BarkPost’s 1st Kentucky Derpy: A Bunch of Dogs Run Around Like Lovable Doofuses

Dreams do come true. Last weekend, BarkPost teamed up with BarkLive to bring dogs - big and small, fluffy and scraggily, drooly and dainty - together, for the 1st Annual Kentucky Derpy. Over 300 hoomans and their pups gathered at the Green Building in Brooklyn to celebrate the silliest, wackiest and derpiest dogs in the area. It's no secret that we at Bark & Co. love a good party - and the mint juleps, photobooths and big hats were not in short supply. The Derpy was beyond celebrating our favorite pups-- it was our way of giving back to the dog racing rescue community because all cash donations were given to an organization that works to give ruvving homes and furever families to Greyhounds. And, like you would imagine, it was simply wagnificent. Tremendous appaws goes to NYC Bocce’s Bakery who provided “Sea Biscuits” for all the pooches and to Pridebites for dressing our celebripups in their finest wear for the ultimate derp off! Want to know more about our 1st Annual Kentucky Derpy, here's the scoop! Stay tuned for next year's Kentucky Derpy, where the stakes will be seven times higher, and running a straight line will be equally as impawsible for the Derps. Production hat tip to One Glass Video. Featured image via @WallytheWelschCorgi

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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