We Did A Friendsgiving Where We Just Invited Dogs

Written by: Katie Haller

November 23, 2015

What is Barksgiving? It’s kind of like Friendsgiving, but with pups. It’s a night where we invite our closest four-legged buds and their hoomans to come to our pawffice, get turkey wasted, and raise money to save pups in need. All of the ticket sales went directly to Foster Dogs NYC or Animal Haven. Plus, we collected a pup ton of linens, toys, & treats to give to rescues in need! In addition, the delicious dog-safe meal was provided by the chef masters at Pet Plate, and boy did the dogs RUV it.


We had lots of dogs from our BarkPack representing. The Doodle clan rolled up squad deep!


And of course @chloekardoggian came riding in on @hudsonthegoldendoodle‘s back, because she is Chloe Kardogdamndoggian.


We learned that turtlenecks are sp IN this season, thanks to @PuppyNamedCharlie.


@apugnamedemoji & @newyorkdog skipped the small talk and went straight for the important things, like noms. #Priorities


Then there were all the dogs who were looking at the turkey like “WAIT…DIS IS…MINE?”


And they went through all the stages of when-you-just-want-to-get-up-in-it-but-you-have-to-wait… #CanYouHaveBlueBallz #IfYoureNeutered


But when they finally got to get up in it? It was clear we just made many dogs’ dreams come true.


The great thing about dogs is they never judge each other for how fast or furiously they’re eating (unlike your Aunt Edna, #ShutUpHundredsOfLittleBitesOfPie #IsTheSameAsAWholeSliceAuntEdna).


Best of all, @FosterDogsNYC brought an adoptable pup, Irving, who ended up finding a furever home over the weekend. Talk about a Barksgiving that just kept on, well, giving!


It was a pawesome night, and if you’re feeling the FOMO, check out our lovely Julie Salzman taking you behind the scenes in the wrap-up below!

Featured image via @wallythewelshcorgi

Written by: Katie Haller

November 23, 2015