11 Toys And Treats To Make Your Pup Forget They’re Staying Home This Summer

If the summer heat has finally become unbearable and you really need to cool off, then we've got something that will get your pups' tails a-waggin'! That's almost as good as a fan, right? shop10 BarkShop has pawfficially launched their latest collection, The Dog Days, to help your pup get the most out of their summer experience! shop9 After all, summertime does belong to the dogs. So why not celebrate the dog days of summer by making your pup as happy as they can be! Here's just a sample of the incredible (and sometimes edible) goodies available in BarkShop's newest collection! 1. Hugs Chilly Mat With this mat, pups of all sizes can cool out and lower their body temperature on the hottest summer days. Because hot dogs are great in summer... but chilly dogs are better! shop1 2. Message in a Bottle You don't have to be a castaway stranded on a desert island to play with this toy! Made of chewy rubber and featuring a hidden squeak, this is one bottle whose message is "Play with me!" shop7 3. Thinkers Natural Salmon Smart Dog Treats These yummy snacks will boost Bowser's brain power by the hour. Why reward good behavior with bad treats? Thinkers™ contain no artificial preservatives or meat by-products. Mmmm, healthy! shop8 4. The Hydro Fetch This barbell-shaped bone releases water from an absorbent foam core to keep your puphydrated and entertained! shop3 [bp_related_article] 5. Romp n' Roll This ol' ball-and-chain is ideal for fetching, bouncing, chewing, tossing, gnashing, and playing tug-of-war. It also floats, which is perfect for your all-terrain terrier. bark9 6. Stainless Steel 360 Fountain Features interchangeable spout rings to provide up to 5 water streams for simultaneous, multi-pup watering. No more fighting, you guys! shop5 7. Beef Liver and Banana This Potassium and Electrolyte-rich goodie from Benny Bully’s isn’t just tasty, it’s also packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Manganese and Folate. No chemicals added! shop11 8. Arctic Freeze Ball It's filled with 100% purified water and frozen to keep panting pups cool as they play. Now you can keep your dog's balls cool all summer long. shop2 9. SafeMade Flexi Dog Bowl Designed for puppies and puppy parents who are always on the go, the Flexi Dog Bowl is as versatile as it is convenient. Fold it, roll it, freeze it and squeeze it; it'll still pop back into its original shape. shop4 10. Hydro Ring With a foam core that absorbs liquid to give your pup a burst of cool refreshment with every chew, the Hydro Ring keeps your pup safely hydrated during the dog days of summer. shop6 11. Freeze-dried Beef You know the old saying: "The way to a pup's heart is through his stomach.... with beef liver." Treat the ruv of your rife to a delicious, healthy and 100% natural snack. shop12
Featured image via BarkShop

Brandon Rhoads

7 years ago

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