4 Easy Steps For Throwing The Perfect Thanksgiving Feast for Your Pup

Is your pup hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Then help your hostess with the mostest... fur... throw the pawfect Turkey Day feast! Image via BarkShop Step One: Invite the whole barkin' family. That means Mama Mastiff, Papa Pekingese, the terrible Terrier twins, your Great Great Great Dane, and the Pointer sisters. Sure, they're all wagging tails one minute and at each others' throats the next, but hey-- they're family. Image via BarkShop Step Two: Playtime! Break out the ol' pigskin... I mean, plush-skin... for the wee puppies to play with. Head to BarkShop for some freaky and squeaky fake food like a pumpkin, an apple, and a turkey leg for every pup to limber up their jaw muscles with. Image via BarkShop Step Three: The main event! Lay out an impressive spread with help from BarkShop, where you'll find mouth-watering munchies to masticate like pumpkin biscuits, and grain free roast duck treats for starters. Move on to the main course with tasty real beef stew. Feelin' full? Unbuckle that collar and make room for dessert: sweet potato chews made from fresh, 100% natural dried sweet potatoes. soup_stella_labfull Step Four: After-dinner naps. Leave the dishes for daddy; you're doggone tired! Image via BarkShop If you follow these simple steps, you can turn your favorite turkey-based turkey-basting holiday into a Dog Day Afternoon. Good luck! For more pawesome Thanksgiving treats, hop on over to BarkShop!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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