Here’s A Basset Hound Running In Slow Motion Just Because

So, as a journalist (sort of), this is the part where I’m supposed to explain the relevancy of said posted video, whether it’s tied to some recent newsworthy event or some kind of intriguing backstory. Perhaps this Basset Hound is running to greet his owner who just came back from Iraq. Or maybe this dog is chasing a cat, which is sure to lead to funny, gifable hijinks along the way.

But if you’re looking for context in this video, I am here to say that there is none. This dog is simply running…because he can. And the added slow motion effect makes it look freakin’ majestic. So sit back, relax, and watch this dog running like he’s auditioning for a lead in Baywatch. Why? Because why the hell not?

H/t Kyoot Animals

Tiffany White

6 years ago