14-Year-Old Beagle Liberated After Spending A Week Stuck In A Pipe

Kathy Olson was concerned when her 14-year-old beagle, Mater, didn't come home. He was often out roaming the neighborhood near Charleston, West Virginia, but days had gone by and he never returned. Turns out the little guy had gotten himself stuck in a storm drain and nearly a week passed before he was finally found. The Charleston Gazette-Mail reported that her neighbors had heard the barks of a distressed dog for days and multiple attempts to locate their source came up short. Shonnette Mosier, one of the concerned neighbors, told The Charleston Gazette-Mail:
We didn’t know to look down.
Six days after Mater had gone missing, someone finally did. The Pinch Volunteer Fire Department came out to liberate Mater and it proved to be quite the ordeal. After sawing through concrete and a pipe, Olson held Mater in her arms again. Mater's vet checkup determined that he would be a-okay, while Olson determined that this was the end of Mater's roaming days.
H/t and featured image Charleston Gazette-Mail

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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