The Beautiful True Story Of How 2 Lonely Pit Bulls Met And Fell In Love At A Shelter

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 6, 2016

Lemmy is a lover. He loves dogs. He loves people. He loves belly rubs. He loves.

And so being in the shelter since the day after Christmas, when he’d come in as a stray — even the Humane Society Silicon Valley, which is about as nice a shelter as a dog could ask for — Lemmy was getting depressed.

That all changed three weeks ago.

“Then Abilene came,” says HSSV spokesperson Finnegan Dowling.

lemmy and abi

Abilene was brought in by an owner who said that the dog had too much energy for him to handle, that she needed more attention than he could give her.

Lemmy strongly disagrees.


The two met for a playdate early in Abilene’s tenure. Abilene showed that she enjoyed Lemmy’s company. And Lemmy immediately made clear that Abilene is the world’s most perfect creature.

Says Finnegan:

We noticed after he started playing with Abilene, he was happier. He was acting like a man in love.

For the last few weeks, the two have been courting. They go on walks together every day. They play and romp, and swim, and “pull on each others cheeks, tire each other out, everything,” says Finnegan.

“And the two go bonkers when they see each other. It’s the cutest thing ever,” she says. “They’re like one doggy brain with two bodies.”

abilene and lemmy (1)

And now, shelter staffers think, it’s time for these lovebirds to take their relationship to the next level. It’s time for them to shack up.

Not at the shelter. The kennels are nice there, but small.

HSSV is looking for someone to adopt the two of them, together.

Says Finnegan:

They’re basically a ready-made family looking for someone whose life they can make a million times more fun.


If you’d like to make Lemmy and Abilene’s romance part of your own sweet life, reach out to the Humane Society Silicon Valley. Here’s Abilene’s adoption listing, and here is Lemmy’s.

Says Finnegan:

They’re the Bogie and Bacall of shelter dogs. The Rose and Jack of homeless pets. How often do you get to participate in a great love story and get the best pets ever?

And no, there won’t be any little Pibble bundles of joy, even once these two get their first house together. Both dogs are fixed.


All images via Humane Society Silicon Valley

Written by: Arin Greenwood

May 6, 2016

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