15 Clever Dog Costumes Just Beggin’ For Attention This Howloween

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 15, 2014

This post is pawwered by our pals at Beggin’ who want to encourage you to share your most hilarious #howloween moments with your dog for a chance to be featured on @DogsofInstagram and Beggin’s social media pages. For each photo tagged with #Howloween this month, they will donate 1 bag of Beggin’ (up to 10,000 bags) to the adoptable dogs in one of Petfinder’s many shelters across the country. (Because, after all, every dog deserves a #Howloween treat!)

What do you call a scared Dachshund on Halloween? A Hallo-weenie! ;P All cheesy jokes aside, here are some of the funniest pups so far from Beggin’s #Howloween hashtag campaign!

“I’ve been a poor dog, and I’ve been a rich dog, and I choose treats every puppin’ time.”

woof of wallstreet
Image via Instagram

She doesn’t know it’s not a ballerina costume. Shhhhhh. #BathTimeStrategies

Image via Instagram

“Well, this is embarrassing. Now one of us has to change.”

Image via Katie Haley Hensley and Facebook


Image via Laurie Sanders and Facebook

The rarely-encountered Dogshark swims the deepest waters in search of slow-moving treats.

Image via Tina Marie Palermo and Facebook

“Thank goodness! Last year I was a cat-erpillar. Hated that.”

butterfly dog
Image via Penny the Pomeagle and Facebook

“My dad’s dressing up as Charlie Brown. My mom’s dressing up as Lucy.” #CaughtInTheMiddle

football dog
Image via Twitter

“Yeah, I’m poopin’ in the bushes. Why do you think I’m wearing’ camo?” #DontAskDontTell

dog face soldier
Image via Operation Sumo and Facebook

“Mom chose ‘standard shipping’ for the broom. What a mistake.”

Image via Instagram

The running of the French Bulldogs!

Image via Instagram

“Let it go! Let it go! Don’t hold that treat anymore!” *music notes*

teacup princess
Image via Instagram

To catch the squirrel, one must become the squirrel.

Image via Facebook

“They say you gotta kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince, so form an orderly line, ladies.”

Frog hugs
Image via Facebook

“Hey pretty lady, do you find this costume a-peeling? Wait! Come back!”

Image via Facebook

“It’s a Jersey Thing.”

cher dog
Image via Facebook

This post was s-paw-nsored by the folks at Beggin’ Share your most hilarious #howloween moments and Beggin’ will donate 1 bag of Beggin’ (up to 10,000 bags) to the adoptable dogs in one of Petfinder‘s many shelters across the country. Halloween treats for all the pups!

Featured image via Operation Sumo.

Written by: Brandon Rhoads

October 15, 2014