Behold, Some Of Our Favorite Doggy Burritos!

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Dog bless the Doggy Burrito: the guac is never extra, and you can make it *your* way. You can roll the burrito yourself, or give your pupper a blankie and watch them work their magic.

Or, to inspire your next burrito, you can check out some of our favorites below!

1. This smug noodle, saving you a choice spot on the edge of the bed

“Hey baby. I’d leave you a little more space, but we both know you can’t resist the snuggle.”

2. This droopy bear, who’s just waiting for you to bring up his drooling problem.

“I know what you’re about to say so listen—IT’S GENETIC.”

3. This fuzzy taquito, who will remain here until summer.

“Hello. Please place treats directly in mouth so I may hibernate and emerge plump and beautiful.”

4. This miniature Jon Snow, fresh out of the bath.

“Only fools take cold showers after winter has come.”

5. This strong, independent dog who don’t need no human to get cozy.

“For my next magic trick, I’ll make my weekend plans DISAPPEAR!”

6. These cohorts who know the value of a quality swaddle.

“If either of us can move, it’s not snug enough.”

7. This Pittie who knows no one really NEEDS hands to eat.

“Just push the Doritos a little closer. I can handle it from there.”

If you’ve got a fuzzy burrito of your own, wrap ‘em up and send us a picture! We had a pretty light breakfast and we are absolutely *starving* for your pup pics.

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Dr. Katy Nelson

5 years ago