Family Pens Heart Wrenching Note After Leaving Their Beloved Dog At A Shelter

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 18, 2015

Saturday morning, the Sacramento SPCA received a heartbreaking package – a Chihuahua. The flea ridden pup was left in her carrier with all of her possessions and a note.

surrendered-Chihuahua 2

The Chihuahua, named Pinky, wasn’t surrendered because she wasn’t loved. Quite the opposite.

The note reads:

“Hi, my name is Pinky. My family tried really hard to get rid of my fleas, but couldn’t and I’m suffering. They didn’t have any way to get help because they don’t have any money. They loved me so much that they decided to take me to a no-kill shelter to get the help I need. I brought all of my stuff for my new family. Thank you for your help.”

Sadly, the Sacramento SPCA is not a no-kill shelter and they do not advertise themselves as such. They have pledged to take care of Pinky and get her the care she needs.

surrendered-Chihuahua 3

The shelter says:

“This is heartbreaking for all parties involved. We wish we had an opportunity to speak with the owners to see what they had tried and if we could offer them another solution.”


Stories like this are beyond heartbreaking. If you are in a similar situation, know that help is out there. The ASPCA has a resource called Keep Your Pet. The page offers a variety of options for almost any circumstance, from behavioral issues to medical care.

We hope that Pinky finds a happy and loving forever home as soon as possible.

h/t Examiner.

Written by: Regina Lizik

August 18, 2015