Beloved Dog Thought Dead Travels 3,000 Miles To Reunite With Family

After a five-day, 3,000-mile journey, Zeus, the dog believed to be dead by his family, has returned home. In 2012, when Zeus' parents learned that their pup had passed away, they were devastated. They had left Zeus in the care of a friend while they were stationed overseas for military service. However, last month, the family received word that Zeus had been found in the woods near their old home in North Carolina. They were so excited to hear the news about their pup, they couldn't wait for him to be back in their arms. There was only one problem, they now live in Washington State, nearly 3,000 miles away. zeus photo 1 [bp_related_article] Zeus was brought to the Banfield Pet Hospital in North Carolina. He was diagnosed with heart worm, making him unable to fly across the country to be reunited with his parents. The family, too, couldn't drop everything and head east to pick up Zeus. But Rachel Overby, an employee at Banfield, volunteered to make the cross-country drive. Banfield also started a campaign #GetZeusHome to help raise awareness. Thanks to Rachel and many Banfield employees across the country, Zeus arrived safely in Washington and into the loving arms of his parents. We're happy to share their emotional reunion in the video below. Have tissues handy! BarkPost was able to link up with Rachel as she and Zeus made their way across the country. At each stage of their journey, Rachel sent us updates on the trip. We're excited to share the entire journey with you! Day 1 Raleigh to Nashville. Rachel and Zeus depart! Zeus eats a squirrel-shaped doggy biscuit! Day 2 Nashville to Kansas City. Zeus reps the Tennessee Volunteers! Day 3 Kansas City to Denver. Zeus has a checkup! Day 4 Denver to Wyoming. Zeus makes friends at a pet-friendly coffee shop! Day 5 Wyoming to home. Zeus makes fans before hitting the home stretch!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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