Berlin Museum Celebrates Dogs By Opening Doors To Canine Patrons

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

August 2, 2015

The world’s oldest domesticated pet has featured heavily in art since humans first started applying pigment to cave walls.

The Kupferstichkabinett museum in Berlin, German has recently launched an exhibition of 100 works dedicated to dogs.



The Kupferstichkabinett (Museum of Prints and Drawings, in English) is displaying drawings, prints, watercolors and sketches from artists ranging from Rembrandt and Dürer to Otto Dix and Dieter Roth. Dogs welcome, of course! Some works are even mounted at a dog’s-eye level.


Gone to the Dogs!” is on display through September 20th, 2015. If you’re in Berlin, check it out!

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 3-drawing

h/t DW

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

August 2, 2015