5 Flooring Options For Humans With Dogs

We love our pups, but there’s no denying that they can be a tad ruff on your home's floors. From scratches to accidents, there’s no shortage when it comes to flooring fiascos. If you’re planning on pup-grading to dog-friendly flooring, look into these types. 1. Vinyl dog-friendly-floor Vinyl is very durable and resistant to moisture, scratches and dents. Vinyl sheeting and luxury vinyl come in a number of styles that mimic hardwood or natural stones, giving you a beautiful look with easier maintenance and at a more affordable cost. It’s also quiet since it’s softer under foot (and paw). 2. Laminate Easy to clean, laminate flooring can be coated in a protective layer to help it withstand scratches and stains. Smooth options can be slippery, so look for embossed laminate, which will help your furry friends gain traction. dog-walks2 3. Bamboo flooring Hardwood flooring can be hard to maintain in a house full of pups. You have to keep nails short and knock on wood that no scratches appear. Plus, you need to clean accidents immediately. But bamboo flooring, an eco-friendly option, is more resistant to stains and warping. Since it’s harder than most woods, scratches won’t surface nearly as often. dog-on-bamboo 4. Stone and ceramic tile This stain-resistant option doesn’t scratch easily and makes for simple cleanup. But ceramic tile can be cold and slippery. Use rugs to help pets get their footing. 12362545_424152897783943_1872681124_n 5. Carpet We can’t lie… carpet isn’t the best idea. But if you really prefer carpet, there are ways to make it work. Choose a stain- and water-resistant brand. Or better yet, consider carpet tiles. If there’s ever an accident, you can just replace the affected tiles. dog-on-carpet
Featured image via BarkFeed
Sources: American Home Shield, Porch, Armstrong

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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