Why You Should Get A Dog You Know You Won’t Keep

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 19, 2015

We are proud to spread awareness about the joy of fostering with our pals Best Friends Animal Society and Toast Meets World! Best Friends NY is looking for pawtential foster parents for pups in the Tri-state area. Find out how you can help here!

People often say they could never foster a dog because they know they wouldn’t give it up. Well, I am here to share my foolproof technique for making sure your fosters get to their rightful owners and that you don’t end up a dog hoarder. I’ve fostered so many dogs over the past 8 years, and I’ve seen ALL of them off to their forever homes. What’s my secret? Fostering dogs that I know won’t work. What does that mean? Read on:

Size Matters:

I could never have a dog that I cannot easily take on a plane with me because I travel so often and need my pups with me (EVEN THOUGH I LOVE BIG DAWGS). So, my home is open to a big guy or gal looking for their forever home.

No Boys Allowed:

My parents’ Great Pyrenees doesn’t get along with male dogs, which would mean it would be difficult to bring my boy doggies home. Therefore, I could never take in a boy, so I love to foster them.

Not My Type:

What’s more, there are certain types of dogs I personally just don’t prefer. I don’t personally like all-white dogs. I’m always snuggling with my pups, and I just don’t love the way white hair looks on my black shirts. So open your doors to a pup who isn’t “your type” and help them find their adoring Mom or Dad!

Meet Sparky. He is staying with us until he finds his forever home. Sparky is a 6 year old mix boy with heavy Chewbacca vibes. He is good with other dogs and has been fully vetted. We don't know that much about him as he was pulled from the ACC, but he seems like a good dude with a major underbite(swoon!) He also appears to be house trained. More 📷 of him on @muppetsrevenge account. If u r interested in permanent sleepovers with Sparky, email [email protected] 🐶❤️ PS: @bestfriendsanimalsociety in NY IS IN MAJOR NEED OF FOSTERS. Please consider letting a little guy or girl crash on your couch until they find a home. They have plenty to choose from. Fostering saves lives!

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Puppy Rental:
JK, not really a rental. More like you get to snuggle and play with a puppy for a week, but you don’t have to deal with any serious training. Also, puppies are the fastest to get adopted. They may pee on you, but they’re SO cute. I can’t keep a puppy because I can’t commit to long-term training, but I LOVE fostering pups.

All Fired Up:

Because my two dogs are so relaxed, it would be fun to have a dog that wants to go running with me or go for really long walks. But, ultimately, my lifestyle doesn’t accommodate a super energetic pup. Therefore, I know if I were to host a super feisty pup in my house, he couldn’t be a permanent guest.

Couch is going ⬆️ on a Tuesday. 🍕🍫🍪🍩#netflix

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So, go find yourself your own “No-Way-Jose” pup and save their life! By becoming a foster with Best Friends Animal Society, you can do your part to help make New York City the largest No-Kill City in the world.

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 19, 2015