Charismatic Aussie Postman Finds Perfect Way To Greet Dogs On His Route

Friendly warning: This video contains a bit of colorful language that might be hilarious to us grown folks but not appropriate for tiny humans. Mail delivery workers are a brave bunch. It's not easy being hated by dogs when you're just doing your job. One mailman in Australia knows the struggle, so he brought us along on one of his routes to show how he deals with his furry haters (whose names he knows by heart). We can only imagine what these pups would do if Mr. Stavros was delivering their BarkBoxes! :D Remember, always get permission from the owner before feeding a dog. Thankfully, the owners of the lucky pups who get treats in this video have given Mr. Stavros the OK to share the ruv with his fave doggies.
h/t to BuzzFeed

Nicole Zalat

7 years ago

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