Big Dogs Who Need To Stand Up To Their Little Sibs

Written by: Will Storie

June 26, 2017

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Every family is different, but one general rule is pretty reliable: you better keep the baby in line, or else the baby is gonna rampage. I know, because I was the baby. In one famous family home movie, I ruined my sister’s backyard dance recital with a union-style protest. Picket signs and everything.

But enough of that charming (or, if you ask my sister, villainous) story. Our dogs need the same reminder: Stand up for yourselves, big fellas! Don’t let your little sibs push you around. And standing up for yourself starts with the place your day starts: in your bed.

1. This Irish Wolfhound who could straight-up eat his little bro if he wanted.

“I mean, sure, he can have the big bed. I don’t mind the floor. All I really need is a butt pillow.”

2. This big fella letting his lil’ sis have the run of the place.

“Look it’s just easier to avoid the whole conflict thing. She gets really yappy. I’m just glad she lets me finish my dinner. Well, some of it.”

3. This big guy who’s gotta learn to be less of a Weenie.

“We have a simple arrangement. She gets the big bed, the toucan, the bone, and the blankie. I get to chew on the toilet paper roll.”

4. This Pittie who shouldn’t be pushed around by her little bro.

“Yeah it’s not super comfy for me, but it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. Especially when it’s your little brother and he’s gonna blame his poops on you later.”

5. This big ol’ pup who knows that baby’s in charge.

“Honestly I’m just lucky to get a paw on this nice comfy bed. Count your blessings!”

Good luck out there, big dogs! Remember, it’s not too hard to stand up for yourself. Even if your lil’ sib yaps at you for hours and hours, sometimes it’s worth it to get the bed you deserve. Just believe in yourself!

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Written by: Will Storie

June 26, 2017