17 Doofy Dogs Shamed By Awkward Relationships With Birds

Boy oh boy do we love our DogShaming. Sometimes it seems there's nothing under the sun a dog hasn't been shamed for! We've shamed pups by breed, for ruining holidays, for destroying furniture... And now we're shaming pups for one of the unlikeliest things of all: their strange relations with birds. Yep. Birds. Meet 17 pups who are just too dog to understand bird. 1. "It's not angry anymore..." shame5 2. "I wasn't rolling. I was trying to fly after those pesky air squirrels." #GuessDogsCantFlyThough shame4 3. Wait... Neighbor's chicken? shame1 4. "They're my friends... They said I could have some..." #TheySaidYouCouldEatTheirHouse? #WeDontThinkSo shame2 5. "You put feathers in the pillows! How was I supposed to know there were no birds in there?" shame3 6. "Don't judge me." shame7 7. "I like to think of it as recycling." shame8 8. "I was just trying to calm them down." #TheySoAngry shame9 9. "You're the one that left it where I could get to it: in the pantry, next to the paper towels, under the canned goods, and behind the closed door." DogShaming 10. "They started it." shame12 11. Why's this dog look different than the others? shame13 12. "At least one of us is being obedient." shame14 13. "I don't think. I know." shame16 14. "Please just make the noises stop." shame17 15. Pup... that's just wrong... shame6 16. "Well, have you tried it? It's delicious." shame18 17. Someone get this sick-o outta here! shame11 Want your DogShaming live? Camio will let you peek at your pups by turning any tablet, computer, or smartphone into a home monitoring camera.

Hope Bobbitt

7 years ago

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